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Friday, September 20, 2013

Starbucks Natural Fusions - Cinnamon

Starbucks Natural Fusions - Cinnamon
My roommate and I bought this flavor of coffee from eBay. We are normally ALL OVER anything Cinnamon flavored.

We've heard SUCH good things about Starbucks brands of coffee, and having tried the VIA instant variety of Starbucks coffee and enjoying it, We figured this would also be a delicious and enjoyable cup of coffee.

It's not.

We brewed the coffee as directed on the package, like with all other ground coffees. It tasted VERY bitter and nasty. Only way to disguise the bitter taste of the coffee is by using copious amounts of sugar and milk.

I'm not sure if this is a trademark taste of Starbucks ground coffees, or if it is just the Natural Fusions brand, but it has changed my opinion of the Starbucks brand as a whole. I don't see us purchasing this brand again.

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