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Thursday, July 25, 2013

REVIEW: GMYLE (TM) Super Slim USB 2.0 Mini Keyboard For Windows 7 XP Vista

GMYLE (TM) Super Slim USB 2.0 Mini Keyboard For Windows 7 XP Vista

Okay, so I bought this keyboard back in December 2012 as a replacement for the typical 104-key keyboard included with most systems. I'm typing this review on said keyboard right now.

The keys are the exact size, shape, and layout of an Apple keyboard except Ctrl, Fn, Windows, Alt, Num Lock, Prt Sc, and Delete. (Apple's Delete key is, of course, functionally identical to the Windows Backspace key.) A few barely-used commands require two buttons: F11, F12, Page Up, Page Down, Home, End.

7 months into using it, I find the keys aren't as responsive as they once were. The space bar is the WORST for responsiveness. If you don't press hard enough or at the wrong angle, it will not respond and if you're like me and don't look at the monitor while typing, you end up going back through the sentence/paragraph you just typed and editing the run-on words.

EDIT: I ended up switching BACK to the standard 104-key keyboard in September 2013. It lasted a total of 9 months before rendered useless.

All-in-all, it's a nice keyboard, but it just falls a bit short when it comes to durability.