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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Impact Stylus pens

Impact Stylus Pens

I received this as a sample from Amsterdam Printing. I liked the fact that I could use the stylus on my tablet and then, if I needed to jot down a note, I could EASILY flip the instrument over and write the note.

Sadly, this isn't the case, which is a shame, since I ordinarily have NO complaints with any of Amsterdam's other products. I've been using the Marcello Satin Pen from them for a while now. It's usually the first pen I grab for when I need to write something.

After having it for a week, the color of the barrel (blue) is beginning to fade and the pen doesn't write as fluidly as the Marcello Satin Pen, if at all. I tried to write a note with this pen and the ink was VERY choppy at flowing. The stylus piece works WONDERFULLY.

I see this as a HUGE stylus and NOT the stylus/pen combo it was intended for. I wouldn't order this to promote my company.