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Friday, July 25, 2014


The VowVoxBox

So, this is the 2nd physical voxbox I've done... this one was supposed to have a 'Wedding' theme to it. I didn't see how these products were related to a wedding, but... *shrugs*

Unboxing video -- Please see here for my filming gear

Let's look more in-depth at the products...


Stock photo

I'll fully admit... I did NOT try this, and I honestly have NO intention of doing so. I'm not overly worried about facial discoloration or dark spots. I'm still actually dealing with acne breakouts, so any 'discoloration' I have is from raw and inflamed pimples and pimple scarring, not age. This is probably going to sit in my 'Review Product' box and collect dust, unless I give it to someone.


I actually like this. It smells SO much better than the Skintimate SkinTherapy shaving cream I got (for free with coupon) with the Schick Hydro Sensitive Skin Care BzzAgent campaign. This has a light scent of raspberries and it DOES moisturize the skin quite well. I didn't take a picture (because I was topless and that was TOO intimate for the web), but my underarms felt smooth for days. The nozzle is easy for disabled people to depress, although I had to set the can onto the counter to press it.


Stock photo

Nice, even coverage, but less than thrilled with the color I received. I received shade #360 - Barracuda (shown above).

Now, I don't know about anyone else, but when I think of 'Wedding Nails,' I do not think of green. Even if green is one of your colors, I think of pale or neutral shades for the bride's hands, like sheer pinks or French manicures. Bridesmaids can go brighter, but I still don't think I'd use green.

But the coverage of the polish was great and it had nice staying power. I think I had a full week of wear before I was sick of it and chipped it off. Disabled people won't have any 'special' difficulties applying this. If you're steady enough to apply nail polish, you're set to go.


^^front and back of packaging^^

I think this was the WORST of the entire VoxBox.

Back of the packaging
Look beautiful and live beautifully every day

Pure Complexion Facial Sponge is handmade with 100% natural ingredients including Konjac vegetable fiber.

Treat your skin to a gentle, yet better clean – just add your favorite mild facial cleanser and water! Wash away dirt, oil and makeup and leave skin glowing without over-drying or causing redness. Sponge is fragrance-free, colorant-free, dermatologist tested and gentle enough to be used morning and night!

For best results, use sponge daily. After each use, simply rinse sponge with water and lay flat to air dry. Taking care of your sponge will help it last longer. Replace every 1 to 3 months.


What is a Konjac?
A highly renewable perennial root plant mostly comprised of starch (similar to a potato). It grows in warm climates, including Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia.

I used this maybe 3 times before I just tossed it. It was a total pain to use. It didn't make my skin feel any cleaner or softer, and they should specify that you should NOT use with a 'scrub' type cleanser. I personally SWEAR by apricot scrubs. I used St. Ives Apricot Scrub religiously as a teenager and now, I use the generic equivalent of St. Ives. It seems to be the only thing that keeps my acne breakouts at bay and gives me SOMEWHAT clear, blemish-free skin. This sponge did NOT work well with the apricot scrub. The corn meal 'kernels' (what does the actual scrubbing and exfoliating) were stuck on the sponge after use.

It also felt like it retained soap, no matter HOW long or well you rinsed it. I thought it was going to fall apart after the first use to be quite honest. It shriveled and looked very ragged after the third use, which is what prompted me to throw it away.

Disabled people may have trouble opening the package and removing the cellophane from the sponge, but if you can move your arms/hands in a circular motion, you can use this sponge.


^^front of packaging^^

This came in a close second as being the worst product in the box. It's meant for food and drink stains only, which means don't expect to use it on your undies if you have a spillage 'that time of the month' or you fall on the lawn.

I took a bit of the moisture from my friend's chewing tobacco and spread it onto a shirt I had. After removing the excess, I ran the pen over the 'stain.' All it did was made the shirt wet; it BARELY removed the stain. Washing the shirt in my normal wash cycle removed the stain MORE than the Tide to Go pen did.

It has a clean scent, like Tide detergent, but that's just about the ONLY thing going for it.

Disabled folks are going to have a mixed bag when using this. It can be hard to remove the top. You will need to apply pressure to the pen tip to get to the 'cleaning liquid.' The only easy part of using this pen is the motion to use it. If you can color/scribble with a crayon, you can use this.

There was also a card for RILEY & GREY custom wedding websites. They have a code for 50% off the price of a website, which includes
  • Custom domain name
  • Limited-Edition Design
  • The ability to change designs at any time
  • Optimization for mobile, tablet and desktop viewing
  • The ability to organize guests' addresses
  • The ability to collect RSVPs
  • Amazing customer service

I didn't really look too hard into them, since my fiancé would like to keep his identity private on the Internet as much as possible. I also know HTML coding and I feel more comfortable writing it myself. Riley and Grey seems to be a drag-and-drop or a visual website builder, and they confuse me more than anything. Seriously, I'd rather write HTML coding for tables and interactive image maps ALL DAY than deal with a WYSIWYG or a drag-and-drop builder.

As far as organizing addresses or collecting RSVPs, you can do the SAME thing on theknot.com for free. If you REALLY want your own domain/URL, you can get your own URL for $20 or less from GoDaddy and have it direct to a blogspot or webs.com site.

I wasn't very impressed with this VoxBox. There were only two things that were of use to me, and I didn't find the theme of the box to fit what the company was going for.
WOULD RECOMMEND: The Influenster company, Yes... but I wouldn't go out of my way to recommend any of these products to a bride-to-be.


Sunday, June 15, 2014

INFLUENSTER: PURE ICE Nail Polish VirtualVoxBox

  PURE ICE Nail Polish VirtualVoxBox

Every now and then, Influenster runs a campaign called a 'VirtualVoxBox.' These are campaigns that do NOT have shipments with them; the activities usually involve tweeting or posting to Facebook various messages about products.

Personally, I wouldn't have called this a 'VirtualVoxBox' since I needed to purchase the item of which the campaign was centered... but I digress...

PURE ICE is a brand of nail polish available at Walmart and walmart.com for $1.97. It comes in over 100 shades, although my local Walmart didn't have quite that many.

The PURE ICE display at Auburn, NY Walmart

So, after looking over the shades, I chose 'Busted,' which is a purple shimmery shade.

stock photo of PURE ICE in Busted

In person, the polish looks like it will have thick or opaque coverage. Sadly, this isn't the case. It applies VERY sheer. It took 3 coats to actually achieve any distinct coloring on my nails.

Manicure 'selfie' of PURE ICE in Busted

And that's where the troubles began. Within 3 hours of application, I washed my hands ONE time and my left index finger peeled COMPLETELY off. So, I reapplied the 3 coats and went on my way. This is what I had the next day...

Manicure 'selfie' - Day 2 of PURE ICE in Busted
This time, both my right index and middle nails had peeled.

What made this nail polish even WORSE is the fact that 90% of it was worn off by the 4th day of wearing. I was also able to scrape the remaining polish off with ease. I then tried SinfulColors Professional in Gorgeous on June 10th and it has better 'staying' power than the PURE ICE polish. It's been 6 days now and only one nail is bare.

Manicure 'selfie' of SinfulColors Professional in Gorgeous

For participating in the PURE ICE VirtualVoxBox campaign, I am eligible to win a gift set of 8 shades from PURE ICE.

Not worth the $1.97 Walmart wants for it. If you're going to buy nail polish at Walmart, pay the extra penny and buy a bottle of SinfulColors Professional or pay $0.50 more and get a bottle of Sally Hansen Hard as Nails polish.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

GRAZE nibblebox

GRAZE Nibblebox

I signed up for Graze on the recommendation of a fellow blogger friend, Kelly.

Graze is a 'snack-by-mail' program. You sign up for free and depending on the program you enroll in, They send you a box of snacks either weekly, bi-monthly or monthly right through the USPS. The boxes are small enough that they will fit right in your roadside mailbox.

This is what I received in my first box. Let's take a in-depth look at each of the snacks.

Brooklyn Bites
poppyseed pretzels, cheese cashews and roasted pumpkin seeds. 

Oh, these was delicious. I'm a HUGE fan of pretzels as it is, and the poppyseed pretzels were yummy. I couldn't really taste the cheese flavor on the cashews, but Mama Melissa said she definitely could. I also enjoyed the pumpkin seeds. They weren't overly salted, as some commercial roasted seeds are.

Apple and Cinnamon Flapjack
rustic rolled oat flapjack with apple and cinnamon

These are similar to a granola bar or an oatmeal breakfast bar. Mama Melissa is NOT an oatmeal or granola eater, and she really liked these. Very chewy and moist. You could REALLY taste the apple and the cinnamon flavor in these. These were hands-down the favorite snack of the shipment.

Garden of England
dried mini strawberries, black currants and apple slices 

Least favorite of the shipment. Mama Melissa didn't like this at all, and I only liked the dried apple slices. The mini strawberries and black currants really had no flavor to them. These quickly went into the 'Trash' selection of the graze website.

Corn chips with Salsa
tomato salsa fresca with mini tortilla chips

Another favorite of the shipment. We both could taste lime and what we think was cilantro in the salsa. I liked this more than Mama Melissa. The corn chips were bite-size, so one chip could easily fit into someone's mouth.

Disabled people might have trouble opening the individual plastic containers. They are peel-back style, so you may need to open these with a knife or scissors. Other than that, There should be NO issues eating these.

Graze boxes come in 2 sizes, the nibblebox and the calorie counterbox. The nibblebox has the most variety, but the calorie counterbox keeps all snacks under 100 calories. Both boxes are $6.00 and that includes shipping and handling.

However, I have a treat for all my thecpchick.com readers! Using the link below, you can get your first Graze nibblebox FOR FREE! ($1.00 temporary charge will be applied to your credit or debit card, but it WILL be returned to you)
I really liked the Graze program. I don't always have the $6.00 per box to get these weekly, but I do plan to get these monthly.
STARS: ​​​​​​​​​

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

INFLUENSTER: Holly Jolly VoxBox

The Jolly VoxBox from Influenster

Photo credit to Influenster's Facebook Page

Okay, so... I'm like SUPER late on this, but whatever...

I signed up for Influenster about 2 months ago and the Jolly VoxBox was the first 'campaign' I participated in.

In the Jolly VoxBox, I recieved
​~Rimmel London Show Off Lip Lacquer
~NYC New York Color HD Color Trio Eye Shadow
~Ducklings Mini Rolls Duck Tape
~Puffs Tissues
~Skinny Cow Candy

Here's my CRAPTASTIC unboxing video.

Filmed with a Samsung Galaxy Centura camera -- Not too shabby of footage quality

So, No vocals... I'm not comfortable with my voice on camera to narrate. Trust me, I sound like I have a cold and I went on one HECK of a bender.

Anyway, here's what was in the Jolly VoxBox.


I'm not a huge fan of the Rimmel brand. Maybe it's the price that frightens me, but I don't see what the big deal about the fancy brands of cosmetics. Give me a Wet-n-Wild cosmetic and I'm just as happy.
That being said, I'm not entirely sold on Rimmel... The lip color had good coverage, but I didn't care for the color I received. Beige/tan colors don't blend with my skin color that well, at least when it comes to my lips. Maybe if I had received a pinkish/rosy shade, I'd be sold more.


Again, The 'Big Brand Name' cosmetics don't impress me. I have YET to actually try this item, so I can't actually give my opinion on it. However, The colors look nice and I'm SURE they'll enhance the brown in my eyes when I do use it!


I was actually HAPPY to get this! Being handicapped/disabled, I use mobility aids to get around, and on my walker, I use a tray to carry my plates and cups from the table to the coffee pot and/or sink. The one side of the tray started to crack and the Seal-All I used to try repairing it didn't hold for very long. I used the Ducklings Tape to tape the crack back in place. It hasn't moved since.
The adhesive on the tape, even for being a mini roll is AWESOME and it holds well.


Again, with the CP I have, I don't always have the best control of my saliva. And in the winter weather elements, this equals to a chapped and/or chafed chin. I'm ALWAYS looking for something to wipe my chin with. These are handy enough to throw into a purse or bag, or even a coat pocket.
The thing I like about these tissues in particular is that they have lotion on them, so even if my chin or lips DO become chafed or chapped, the lotion will soothe them.


You know, I am NOT a health nut by any means. I try to eat healthy, but I do love my sweets. So, I was REALLY excited to get these.
And I have to say I'm impressed. These did NOT taste like a 'diet' treat at all. These were VERY creamy and smooth. If I was on a diet, I wouldn't feel guilty about indulging my sweet tooth.

I'm very happy with the items received in the Jolly VoxBox, and am impressed with Influenster and the variety of items in their shipments.