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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Swiftkey Keyboard

SwiftKey Keyboard

I was lucky enough to have downloaded the beta onto my tablet in October, but being it was a beta trial, I only got two weeks to use it.

However, Amazon ran a promotion last week, giving you a $5.00 credit to their AppStore if you downloaded certain apps. I downloaded the Piano Master Christmas Special, which was the FAOTD for Christmas Eve.

Having the $5.00 credit, I bought the SwiftKey keyboard from the AppStore for $1.99. Merry Christmas to me!

Typing on a touchscreen ban be TORTURE for a disabled person. Sometimes, it's downright IMPOSSIBLE. Sliding from key to keys seems to be easier, for me at least. I have tried out MANY different 'slideable' keyboards... Google Keyboard, SlideIT & Swype to name a few, and SwiftKey is my favorite by far.

There are three 'modes' of use in SwiftKey, Full, Thumb & Compact. Modes are switchable by tapping the SwiftKey logo on the keyboard. You can also change any other setting you want, including colors/themes by tapping the same key.

SwiftKey on the tablet - Landscape mode

This is what the keyboard layout looks like in Landscape mode. The punctuation keys are activated by either tapping the '123' key or holding the period key down and sliding to the desired punctuation. (I'm using Inkpad Notepad for the testing app)

SwiftKey on the tablet - Landscape mode & Thumb layout

Here we see the keyboard layout it 'Split' or 'Thumb' layout. The Thumb layout is designed more for tablets and larger phone screens using it in Landscape mode.

SwiftKey on the tablet - Portrait mode & Compact layout

This is how the 'Compact' mode looks. The arrow can be used to 'dock' the keyboard to either side of the screen.

The thing I like most about the SwiftKey Keyboard is the fact that it can complete words and it accurately predicts the words I want to 'say' next. It also keeps stats of my typing and shows how much I've improved my typing by using the app. According to my phone, (yes, I have the app on both) I've improved my efficiency by 36% since using Swiftkey.

The only DOWNFALL I see with the app is the lack of color themes I can use. With SlideIT and GO Keyboard, I can download other colorful themes for the keyboard. SwiftKey limits you to what the app itself offers.

SwiftKey is a PAID app, but they do offer a one month free trial from both the Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore. (Sorry, Apple users... This is a Android app only)
Google Play: SwiftKey Keyboard Free Trial
Amazon AppStore: SwiftKey Keyboard Free Trial

SwiftKey is an awesome app for those with disabilities to make texting/typing on a Android device MUCH easier.

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