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Friday, February 14, 2014

Shower Stool

Shower Stool

As I age, my cerebral Palsy is affecting me in different ways, ways I could only imagine when I was younger.

One of those ways is my balance is very bad, and it doesn't take much for me to lose what balance I do have. Add smooth, wet surfaces and it's a hazardous combination. So I bought this last year from Dr. Leonard's, to help myself take a shower.

Description from the product page
Enjoy a safe, relaxing shower on a stool made for tight spaces. This durable shower stool has a 13" plastic seat, flared legs and rubber feet for stability. Easy push button lets you adjust the height from 13" to 17" for comfort. Rust-resistant aluminum. Weighs only 3 lbs., yet supports up to 300 lbs. No tools needed.

I really like this stool. I feel safe and secure when taking a shower now. It's wobble-resistant, and the rubber 'feet' keep it from sliding around the tub. It's very easy to assemble. I had no trouble assembling this by myself, even with CP-affected hands. The screws are wing screws with washers. I haven't had to tighten them often either. In the year I've had this stool, I've had to tighten them twice... and then not very much. Only way I knew I had to tighten them is because I checked them as a safety measure.

I would say the level of independence to use this item is on the moderate to high side. Someone that can lift their legs high enough to get into a typical tub would have no problem using this, but a person in a wheelchair with no mobility of their legs would find it difficult to use.

Unfortunately, Dr. Leonard's is sold out of this item, But it is available on Amazon for $26.99.

This would be a great addition to any high-functioning disabled person's arsenal to take a shower safely and independently.

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