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Thursday, May 8, 2014

BAN Total Refesh Cooling Body Cloths

BAN Total Refesh Cooling Body Cloths

Anyone with a disability should know the story of The Spoon Theory and how it's pretty relevant to disabilities.

I took a shower last night, and even though I had my stool with me, I still wiped out 90% of the spoons I had yesterday and a few spoons from today.

Enter Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body cloths.

^^Sample I recieved^^

In a normal box, you get 10 individually packaged wipes, each good for one use. They are initially designed for 'on-the-go' people... Those who hit the gym before work/another event and don't have time to hit the shower. They are individually wrapped, so you can toss a packet in your purse or gym bag and go.

I tried this the day before I took my shower. I wiped it over my neck, chest and underarm area, and I felt instantly cleaner and fresher. I didn't have that 'night time sweat' smell that can come from being under warm covers all night. It left a light and fresh scent. It almost smelled like it had some sort of deodorant on it.

These would be GREAT for people with disabilities to keep feeling fresh between spoon-draining bathing sessions. It covers any 'body odor' scent extremely well. As long as you can wipe your mouth with a paper towel/napkin, You'll be able to use these. Scissors may be needed to open the wrapper.

These come in 3 scents, Enliven, Restore and Invigorate and are available from Wal-mart for $2.97 a package.

BAN Total Refresh Cooling Cloths are a great way to keep from smelling nasty in between baths/showers.
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