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Monday, August 11, 2014

Genius LuxeMate i200 keyboard

Genius LuxeMate i200

  • Stylish slim keyboard
  • Compact size design for space-saving
  • Twelve function keys for instant access internet and multimedia applications
  • Fashionable square keycaps are soft to the touch and great for typing
  • A USB interface means a plug-and-play experience that's ready to go right away, with no software to install.
  • Color: Black (with blue accents)

Technical Specifications
Interface Support: USB
Number of Hot Keys: 12 (Multimedia, Internet)
OS Support: Windows7 / Vista / XP (also works with Linux/Ubuntu)
Interface Support: USB
Product Dimensions: 12.6 x 5.6 x 1 inches ; 15.8 ounces

DESCRIPTION Genius adds a new slim keyboard to its popular i-series for desktop PC’s, LuxeMate i200. With its compact design, this multimedia keyboard saves your working space. The fashionable square keycaps are soft to the touch and great for typing.

The LuxeMate i200 offers 12 hot keys for one-touch access to Internet, email, and media functions. Multimedia controls offer easy control for music and video functions including Mute, Play/Pause, Stop, and Volume. Internet navigation is simple with buttons for Internet bookmarks, search, and forward and backward page navigation. Each hot key is programmable, allowing you to create shortcuts to any of your favorite applications.

Mama Melissa has had this keyboard for about 8 months now, and she really likes it. So, when my Dell OEM keyboard (the one that came with her Windows 7 system) started giving me trouble, I decided to hit up eBay for a twin of it.

^^photo from auction – credit to eBay user 3000hotdeals^^

At $11.99, I couldn't pass that deal up. I got FREE Priority 2-day shipping, but by no fault of the seller, it was 3 days.

It's not much bigger than the width of my Dell Optiplex 745 SFF computer system. This is a plus, since in the current setup we have, Mama Melissa and I share a workspace and room is scarce. It also allows more room for my wireless mouse.

It's plug-and-play, which means no downloading of drivers. Just hook it up to an available USB port and start typing. The product specs make it out to be compatible with Windows systems, but it works perfectly with my Ubuntu 14.04 system. I cannot attest for Mac usage... I haven't tried it on a Mac/Apple system.

Actual keyboard. This is a mini-keyboard, so there is no separate numeric pad. Directional keys are located down the side and a few along the top.

The keys remind me of chiclet-style pieces of gum (Remember those?) They have a bit of resistance to them, but nothing like the resistance a mechanical keyboard would have. Typing is easy and quiet; the most noise you will have from this keyboard is if you have any sort of length to your nails or you do 'nail typing.' The keys are individually 'housed,' so the keyboard is water-resistant. (Obviously, I did not test this theory, since I didn't want to ruin a brand new keyboard)

One thing I noticed after using it for a few hours is the difference in the 'Windows key' logo. This particular model is imprinted with the Windows 8 logo on the 'Windows key,' which for me, is the Ubuntu SuperKey. Mama Melissa's model is the Windows 7 design, complete with the cut out circle.

You can see how the Dell OEM keyboard and the middle photo (Mama Melissa's keyboard) have the 'Circle' Windows logo cut into them, where my keyboard (far right) has the new Windows 8 logo. These is strictly a design difference and doesn't affect the effect of the key itself.

As for how well a disabled person can use this, it's all going to depend on the person's dexterity. If they can use an OEM keyboard, this will be just as easy to use. If the person had a hard time using a standard keyboard, don't expect this to be any easier.

Genius keyboards have consistent quality products. The construction of their products are well-made, and they are easy to use.

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