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Monday, December 8, 2014

App Review -- Awesomeville Adventure

Awesomeville Adventure

Elly Awesome is one of my favorite YouTubers. I love her videos, because she doesn't do JUST tech videos. She also does tasting videos, comedy skits, ASKAWSM... her videos are diverse in nature.

So when she said she was coming out with her own game, I was stoked. I couldn't wait.

And I CERTAINLY was not disappointed either.

Welcome to Awesomeville - the home of Elly Awesome and her friends! In this pixel style side scrolling running game your aim is to avoid the enemies, collect coins and get the best distance to get a high score! You start out with Elly Awesome and collect coins to unlock her friends.

Do you have the skills to unlock the GOLD character?

- Tap anywhere to jump (multiple taps keep you in the air)
- Avoid enemies and collect coins to unlock new characters

Download the game and join the awesome crew!

^^Screenshot from the App page^^

This game is pretty simple to play. It's a side-scrolling game, similar to the style of Super Mario Bros., complete with retro graphics, but Awesomeville is endless.

Tapping the screen allows you to jump and become airborne, avoiding enemies and collecting the coins. However, unlike Super Mario Bros., landing on an enemy will not kill the enemy. You'll lose the game. But there is no set limit of lives. Just tap on 'Retry' and play again!

^^Elly's video about the app^^

I downloaded this within the first few days it was available, and was instantly hooked. The music is cute, the graphics have that great 8-bit retro feel to them and the controls are easy... just tap the screen. The game 'auto-runs' when the level begins.

The only problem disabled people will have with this app depends on the steadiness and how fast they can tap the screen to stay airborne & collect the coins. I have spastic quadiplegia cerebral palsy, meaning all 4 of my limbs/extremities are affected, and quite often, I'll have muscle spasms and 'the shakes.' Even so, I didn't do too awful.

^^One of my high scores -- I believe I have scored higher than this after this screenshot was saved.^^

This app is Android only...Elly has talked about why this app is not on iDevices in this video. You can download the app to your android device for free here: Google Play -- Awesomeville Adventure. Also, there are absolutely NO in-app purchases, so if you have kids, you can feel safe letting your little one play this and not have a SKYROCKETED cell bill when Junior is done!

This is one of the better indie games I've played. There aren't any glitches I've seen and who doesn't love retro graphics?!?

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