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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Chaka's MMM Sauce & Giveaway

Chaka's MMM Sauce

Our house is not HUGE on marinating or grilling, especially in the winter. But we do use A1 a lot. So I was very anxious and thrilled to get this set of sauces!
In a small California kitchen, using an old family recipe, Chaka created his now famous marinade for family & friends. Rave reviews and encouragement immediately began pouring in so Chaka started bottling his unique product.
Now “CHAKA’S” MMM Sauce is shipped across the country to a fast growing group of customers affectionately named “chaka-holics”. What's our secret? It's simple. We use only the highest quality ingredients. You can taste the difference in your first bite.

• use with meat, poultry, fish, or vegetables!
• Fat Free
• Dairy Free
• FREE SHIPPING in continental US
• #1 Selling Marinade in Northern California and growing!

^^the set of sauces I received^^

Like I said, we don't marinate here, so we've been using this similarly to A1 or Worcestershire sauce. We had a roast one day and I used it on the helping on my plate.

Usually, I AVOID beef at all costs. I eat beef in spaghetti, tacos, deli roast beef and hamburgers from the grill. I usually turn my nose up at oven/crock pot roasts, meatloaf and other uses of beef.

We haven't tried the 'Natural' variety yet, but the Zesty is being used QUICKLY. With Chaka's MMM Zesty sauce, I ate 3 HUGE helpings of the roast and then a few days later, I ate 2 pan-fried hamburgers with Chaka's MMM Sauce.

^^what's left of the Zesty flavor^^

Honestly, it's NOT overly zesty or spicy. The 'heat' level is about the same as taco seasoning or a Beef & Bean frozen burrito. Seriously, I've ate spicier pepperoni than the Zesty sauce.

And I'm NOT saying that's a BAD thing... It's actually a good thing, because if you're having stomach issues, you can STILL eat the zesty flavor and not be paying for it later that night.

What I really like about this sauce is how 'all-natural' it is, and with food allergies and/or sensitivities being pretty much hand in hand with disabilities, this sauce is perfect for a disabled person's diet. There's NO sugar, so diabetics can enjoy it. There's no fat, so those on a weight-watching diet can use this, and those who are lactose intolerant can eat it as well.

The ONLY problems I see with a disabled person using this sauce is the actual OPENING of the bottles. The safety seals on these bottles can be tough to open. I had to get Mama Melissa to open the bottle for me to use. Also, and I haven't figured out WHY, the 'original/Natural' flavor is in a glass jar, while the Zesty flavor is in a plastic jar. Disabled people will want to use more caution when using the glass jar.

Chaka's MMM Sauces are available from Chaka's website. They offer free shipping to the Continental US.


Chaka thinks you'll love his sauces SO much, he's giving a set away!!!

Chaka's Sauce Giveaway
T&C: Disabled Diva Reviews is NOT responsible for fulfilment of giveaway prize -- ALL responsibilities of prize fulfilment are delegated to the company providing the prize.

I love these sauces. They are very flavorful and bring out the natural flavors in the foods it's used on.

**As per FTC guidelines, I received this product in exchange for an honest review. Only compensation I received is the product(s) mentioned above. All opinions are my own and your usage/results may vary.**