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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Valhalla Serenity Sleep Mask Set

Valhalla Serenity Sleep Mask Set

Comfort and durability are everything
• Advanced materials provide a heavy duty construction that is feather-light
• Will last for years unlike most sleep masks
• Designed to breathe while you sleep with confortable dual air vents
• Won't flatten or come loose as you roll around in your sleep
• Side vents help keep eyes from drying out, reducing wrinkles and sore eyes
• No Latex, Hypoallergenic and hand washable

I was very excited to get this sleep mask. I don't always sleep the best, and I was hoping this would help me improve the quality of sleep I get.

I tried this mask for maybe 30 minutes tops before I gave up and took it off.

I am a side sleeper. The plastic of the side vents and the seams on the sides bore into my head, not allowing me to get comfortable enough to even TRY to fall asleep. The more I tried to get comfortable, the more the mask shifted and slid around my face and head. I even tried to sleep on my hands, in hopes of putting some room between the pillow and the mask. This just made the problem worse.

I'm not sure WHAT the extra material on the bottom of the mask is for, but placing it over the tip of my nose in an attempt to 'stabilize' the mask prevented me from breathing through my nose.

Once I removed the mask, I was able to fall asleep quickly.

The only 'saving grace' of this mask was the bonus ear plugs, which 'Mama Melissa' tried, since I am prone to ear infections/blockages. She says the ear plugs do muffle/block most noises, but if it's a loud noise, it will not be blocked.

Disabled people will have not having trouble using this, past what I've already discussed above. The head strap has Velcro fastening, so they should be able to adjust the fit easily.

If you'd still like to try this for yourself, You can purchase yours from Amazon for $12.99 this week.

I cannot recommend this product. If you're looking for a sleep mask, just keep looking. There are plenty of other sleep masks on Amazon that will work better.


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