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Saturday, April 26, 2014

GRAZE nibblebox

GRAZE Nibblebox

I signed up for Graze on the recommendation of a fellow blogger friend, Kelly.

Graze is a 'snack-by-mail' program. You sign up for free and depending on the program you enroll in, They send you a box of snacks either weekly, bi-monthly or monthly right through the USPS. The boxes are small enough that they will fit right in your roadside mailbox.

This is what I received in my first box. Let's take a in-depth look at each of the snacks.

Brooklyn Bites
poppyseed pretzels, cheese cashews and roasted pumpkin seeds. 

Oh, these was delicious. I'm a HUGE fan of pretzels as it is, and the poppyseed pretzels were yummy. I couldn't really taste the cheese flavor on the cashews, but Mama Melissa said she definitely could. I also enjoyed the pumpkin seeds. They weren't overly salted, as some commercial roasted seeds are.

Apple and Cinnamon Flapjack
rustic rolled oat flapjack with apple and cinnamon

These are similar to a granola bar or an oatmeal breakfast bar. Mama Melissa is NOT an oatmeal or granola eater, and she really liked these. Very chewy and moist. You could REALLY taste the apple and the cinnamon flavor in these. These were hands-down the favorite snack of the shipment.

Garden of England
dried mini strawberries, black currants and apple slices 

Least favorite of the shipment. Mama Melissa didn't like this at all, and I only liked the dried apple slices. The mini strawberries and black currants really had no flavor to them. These quickly went into the 'Trash' selection of the graze website.

Corn chips with Salsa
tomato salsa fresca with mini tortilla chips

Another favorite of the shipment. We both could taste lime and what we think was cilantro in the salsa. I liked this more than Mama Melissa. The corn chips were bite-size, so one chip could easily fit into someone's mouth.

Disabled people might have trouble opening the individual plastic containers. They are peel-back style, so you may need to open these with a knife or scissors. Other than that, There should be NO issues eating these.

Graze boxes come in 2 sizes, the nibblebox and the calorie counterbox. The nibblebox has the most variety, but the calorie counterbox keeps all snacks under 100 calories. Both boxes are $6.00 and that includes shipping and handling.

However, I have a treat for all my thecpchick.com readers! Using the link below, you can get your first Graze nibblebox FOR FREE! ($1.00 temporary charge will be applied to your credit or debit card, but it WILL be returned to you)
I really liked the Graze program. I don't always have the $6.00 per box to get these weekly, but I do plan to get these monthly.
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