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Monday, September 29, 2014

Cassani Fogless Shower Mirror

Cassani Fogless Shower Mirror

A Fogless Shaving Experience
The morning shower is a ritual to breathe, refresh, and maybe sing a little before greeting the world outside. Allow the Cassani Fogless Shower Mirror Kit to give you the perfect excuse to enjoy yourself a little while longer before stepping into your day.

What are the benefits of a Shower Shave?
  • The steam will open your pores, softening your skin and hair allowing for a closer shave
  • No messy sink cleanup
  • Continuous hydration and water to keep your razor clean and warm

  • Fogless Mirror, Hook, and Razor Holder
  • Quick and Easy Cleaning
  • Stainless Steel finish
  • Superior adhesive for a safe and secure hold
  • Durable mirror for travel
I received this kit, courtesy of Mike at Cassani Company. Sadly, the folks I live with wouldn't allow me to mount this to the shower wall, and truth be told, I'd be afraid to mount it to our shower wall. Anyway, included in the kit is:
  • ~An oval mirror
  • ~A Stainless Steel Mirror Wall Hook (with adhesive backing)
  • ~A Stainless Steel Razor Holder (with adhesive backing)

^^The included mirror hook and razor holder

Because the folks I live with wouldn't allow me to mount this to the shower wall, I had to improvise and lean it against the wall, as shown in the video below...

^^Filmed with a Motorola Photon Q^^
NOTE: I have a condition known as Cerebral Palsy, CP for short. This is why my speech is slurred and my hands move the way they do.

The mirror DOES stay fog-free. However, after handling it, it feels cheap and plasticy... The back of the mirror looks to be of pressed board. I'm not 100% sure the hardware (the wall hook and the razor holder) are actually stainless steel, as the company claims. They feel extremely too light to be stainless steel.

As far as disabled people using this, I think the HARDEST thing you will encounter is affixing the hardware to the shower wall. If you have a shower caddy with hooks, it MAY be easier to just use one of the hooks on the caddy.

I'm sure this would be a great mirror for traveling, like to prop against a dresser for makeup or as a handheld mirror for plucking/tweezing, but as for home use, I'd feel more secure using a mirror with suction cups or a shower caddy with hooks.

This kit is available at Amazon for $14.98 plus shipping. Click here for more info and to buy.

The mirror DOES live up to it's promises, but I would be scared that the adhesive would give way, and I'd have a broken mirror in my bathtub.
WOULD RECOMMEND: Probably not.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sheer Cover Cosmetics

Sheer Cover Cosmetics

I'm rarely one for makeup/cosmetics. With my lack of saliva control, it's honestly a waste of time for me to apply it. It will wear off my chin before I leave the house. I'm still dealing with moderate to severe acne at age 35, so makeup never fully covers my blemishes.

So, I was very skeptical of this makeup, but I was willing to give it a go.

No unboxing video right now... it's giving me fits about uploading, but in this kit, which I received from Moms Meet, I received

  • Base Perfecting Primer
This light and luxurious makeup base helps leave skin velvety soft and shine-free. It creates a perfect canvas for a flawless application of Sheer Cover Studio® Perfect Shade® Mineral Foundation. Formulated for all skin types.
  • Perfect Shade® Mineral Foundation
A completely natural-looking, all-over coverage mineral foundation with patented color-matching technology.
  • Conceal & Brighten Trio
A duo concealer for quickly camouflaging flaws and a brightener for highlighting your eyes and other favorite features.
  • Sun-Kissed Bronzing Minerals
Contains light-reflective natural minerals to add a hint of shimmering color and a natural-looking glow to your cheeks, forehead, nose and neck.
  • Lengthening Mascara and Lash Extending Fibers
Groundbreaking lash-lengthening technology to help you achieve the long, voluminous sexy lashes you may have never thought possible.
  • Sheer Cover Studio Makeup brushes
The ultra-premium Foundation Brush is ideal for flawless application of Perfect Shade® Foundation while the specially-created Concealer Brush lets you camouflage imperfections in an instant, even in hard-to-reach spots.

I used ALL but the lash extending fibers, since I am blessed with naturally LONG lashes to begin with. The cosmetics went on smoothly and evenly, and provided BEAUTIFUL coverage.

I opted not to use eye shadow and clear lip products, so I didn't distract from the foundation and its coverage.

Taken with a Motorola Photon Q front-facing camera -- no filters applied

The cosmetics covered ALL my blemishes. I was extremely broken out that day, and the cosmetics covered every single one, even under my nose. And that is where I seem to break out the worst.

I also have dark and puffy circles under my eyes, and while the system really didn't mask the puffiness, it did conceal the dark circles, which really impressed me.

As far as disabled people go, the actual application of the cosmetics is easy. If you can apply other brands of powder foundation and/or lotion, you can apply this system. I have a feeling getting the little containers open will be the hardest. I have pretty good dexterity in my hands and I had difficulty opening the containers/jars.

However, the price point is what I think will be the principle downfall. The kit I received retails for about $40 on the Sheer Cover website. I can't see many people having the money to continuously purchase the system and the refills.

If you'd like to try the Sheer Coverage system, please click the link in the previous paragraph for more info and to order.

The Sheer Cover system has great coverage, but I can't see spending that amount on cosmetics monthly.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Wearever Women's and Men's Underwear

Wearever Women's and Men's Underwear
Ever have embarrassing leakage moments or accidents? Do you leak a little when you laugh or sneeze? Stay comfortable and feel confident and protected with Wearever Women's and Men's Underwear solutions!

Choose Wearever Underwear for maximum protection and reusability. Our selection of absorbent male and female undergarments feature sewn-in Unique-Dri™ pads that trap liquid and are treated with odor reducing Agion™ antimicrobial fibers.

Whether you have minor leaks or major ones, these underwear help you feel protected and comfortable. Most importantly, these underwear help maintain your dignity since they look and feel just like traditional underwear! Say goodbye to disposable adult diapers and pads once and for all. Wearever offers a variety of styles to meet every preference and come with light, moderate and heavy absorbency options depending on what you need.

They are also more environmentally friendly contributing zero waste per year compared to more than 1,100 to 1,500 adult diapers sent to landfills per person. They're also less expensive, saving the average user about $500 a year over the cost for disposables since you can wash and re-use Wearever products hundreds of times. What are you waiting for? Make the switch today!

Not that I'm PROUD of this, but I don't have the best bladder control anymore. Not because my bladder is weak or shot, but because my muscles don't allow me to move at the same rate of speed as I did when I was a teenager.

I used to buy a box of Always pantyliners every month, but even buying them at Dollar General or Family Dollar was getting expensive.

So, when Tomoson was running this campaign, I JUMPED on the chance!

The design I chose... Blue Floral print

What I received -- Liza's phone and email blurred for privacy

Wearever Advantages
  • One-piece discreet design with Built-in pad -- Regular, super and Maximum absorbancy (Maximum holds up to 20 OZ OF FLUID!!!)
  • Patented absorbent, odor-control microfibers
  • Washable, reusable (Over 200 washings!!!)
  • Looks and feels like real underwear
  • Protects the environment from disposables
  • Maintains your dignity

These are VERY comfortable underwear. They don't ride or bunch in places they shouldn't. I accidentally ordered a size too small for my trial, but this is actually GOOD. This way, there is NO chance of any leakage because the absorbent pad is not against my crotch.

I wore these today to do my monthly errands and I didn't have ANY problems. The pad stayed in place and I didn't even realize I had a 'pre-padded' pair of undies on.

The material is soft and breathable. I don't feel constricted or 'itchy' because of the material.

One of the main reasons I like Wearever Inc. is their commitment to charitable causes... Check out the charity they are supporting in September...
Support Us TOO International with Wearever Purchases this September!

A portion of proceeds from select sales of Wearever undergarments will benefit prostate cancer nonprofit Us TOO International this September. Wearever is partnering with Us TOO International to raise money in support of prostate cancer awareness, education and support networks for patients and their families. September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.

Throughout the month of September, 10 percent of proceeds from the Wearever men's underwear line will be donated back to Us TOO International. This includes all sizes, styles, colors and purchases in singles, three-packs and six-packs from the Wearever Men's Incontinence Underwear line. To learn more and purchase products to support Us TOO International, visit www.WeareverUS.com.

But don't just take MY word for it... Try them out with a FREE pair in my FIRST GIVEAWAY!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here are the links to our social media pages:


I can't recommend Wearever undies enough! They are everything the company promises and more!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.