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Friday, March 20, 2015

REVIEW - Francois et Mimi 50oz Glass French Press

Francois et Mimi 50oz Glass French Press

~~Elegant Chrome Finish
•Holds 1500ml, or 50oz
•Dishwasher Safe
•Micro-Mesh Filter
•Works great with coarse-ground coffee or tea leaves
Our house loves coffee. It's easy for us to go through 3-4 typical coffee pots a day. But, if you have a power outage, you can't brew a pot when you get the caffeine craving.

So, I was excited to get this, in case of emergencies.

^^what I received^^

Sadly, none of the photos I took of me using the product turned out clearly enough for the post, but, for a disabled person, this is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to use. It shifted all over the kitchen bar we have, and there were times I actually thought I was going to drop it. Being it is a glass cylinder, that would have been dangerous and a complete mess.

Pushing the plunger was easy enough for me, even with limited arm strength, but the water shot up through the spout and around the lid, going all over the bar. This probably attributed to the shifting and sliding it did. It seems like the ONLY way I could avoid the water spillage would be to use half a cylinder full, defeating the purpose of having the 50 oz size.

These are available from Amazon, starting at $11.99 and up.

I wouldn't recommend a disabled person use this at all. I'd rather keep a tea kettle and a jar or two of instant coffee on hand for power outages/emergencies.

**As per FTC guidelines, I received this product in exchange for an honest review. Only compensation I received is the product(s) mentioned above. All opinions are my own and your usage/results may vary.**

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