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Saturday, March 14, 2015

TIP: How to 'dice' meats easier

How to 'dice' meats easier

I don't usually put anything to do with cooking on here, unless I'm reviewing a kitchen utensil or gadget. But, a few days ago, I was watching Barry Lewis from My Virgin Kitchen (One of my favorite Youtubers, by the way) and he demonstrated an easy method to 'pull' or 'shred' the chicken.

I love my meat salads... my FAVORITE is chicken salad, followed by tuna salad and then turkey salad. But it usually took me 45 minutes or longer with a fork and knife to get the meat to my preferred consistency, which would be like tuna.

So today, after Mama Melissa boiled a few chicken breast tenders for me, I tried the 'double fork' method that Barry showed in the video above. I blazed through 'dicing' the chicken and it was the perfect texture I wanted. It took me less time to cut the meat up. I didn't exactly time myself, but I'd estimate it took me only 15 minutes to shred 3 bigger chicken tender pieces.

I also seemed to have MORE of a quantity when I was finished. I ended up with about 3/4 of a whipped topping bowlful of shredded chicken.

I found this method to be quite a bit safer for disabled people, since your fingers don't come in contact with or even near a sharp blade of a knife. Since the people I live with get a bit skittish about me using sharp objects, this method will also allow me to be more independent.

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