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Friday, April 24, 2015

REVIEW -- 16 inch Long Handled Shoe Horn

16 inch Long Handled Shoe Horn

• 16 Inch Long Handle Durable Easy-grip Stainless Steel Shoehorn - Made in the USA - No More Bending Over to Put Shoes on - Great for Diabetics, Seniors, Disabled, and Folks with Back Pain - Heavy Duty and Sturdy - Sleek Design.
• 16 inch Extra Long Handle Shoe Horn - Perfect To Put On Your Shoes or Boots While Standing
• Shoehorn Made From American Made Stainless Steel - Sturdy and Long Term Usage
• Easy Grip Rounded Handle - Great for Elders with Assisted Mobility Issues as a Dressing Aid
• FINALLY MAKE BACK PAIN A THING OF THE PAST - The 16" Long Handled Steel Shoe Horn is the ultimate daily living aid. Sit in your favorite chair or use standing up.
•BUILT & DESIGNED TO LAST, IT'S THE LAST LONG SHOE HORN YOU'LL EVER NEED TO BUY - This metal shoehorn with its precision-engineered high quality steel, Does not bend, break or fail. Makes putting on your boots easy!

Tired Of Bending Over When Putting On Your Shoes? Avoid Back Problems Forever Using Our American Made 16 Inch Easy Grip Extra Long Stainless Steel Shoehorn. A High Quality Heavy Duty Metal Shoe Horn.

A good shoehorn has one purpose and one purpose only and that's to make putting on your shoes a breeze without bending, back pains, or aches. Our steel long shoehorn does just that. It is 16 inches long made from a sturdy high tech steel, making it possible for anyone to put on their shoes without bending or leaning.

It is ideal for the elderly that need some assisted mobility or anyone that wants to avoid the hassle of putting on their shoes. It comes with a big round handle so that your whole hand can wrap around it. This handle makes it easy for anyone to grip and hold. The Perfect Steel Shoehorn That Fits All Feet Sizes. Ideal for Assisted Mobility and Seniors. This is The Best Shoehorn for Seniors with Limited Bending Ability.

It's Stiff Enough That You Can Manipulate Your Shoes With it To Get Them on Comfortably. This 16" Long Metal Shoe Horn is Handy for People With Arthritis, Hip or Knee Replacement, and General Problems Bending or Reaching Down.

This Long Shoe Horn Makes it Easier to Put on Shoes Without Harmful Flexion of The Hip or Knee - Great shoe horn for Men, Women, Seniors, and the whole family - Great shoe horn for Boots - Simple Sleek minimalist design.

Makes putting on shoes and boots easier and more comfortable - Saves the life of your shoes - Avoid a bent or smashed heel cup on your Nike - Gets the job done so it's super functional - Very Light - - MADE IN THE USA!
Putting shoes on is probably one of the most DIFFICULT tasks I face having CP. Every time I try to do it with my shoelaces tied, the heel cup is bent under my heel and it's so painful to bend over, wiggle and work my finger into the shoe and try to pull the heel cup out. Most of the time, I get frustrated, sore and end up having to ask Mama Melissa for help.

With the 16" Long Handled Shoe Horn from S Diabetes Coach, no longer is this a problem. I can now put my shoes on independently.

^^The cup of the shoe horn^^

The shoe horn is a long enough length to where I can use it seated without too much of a bend-over. There is a slight bend in the hips when using this, but nothing extremely painful. There is more of a bend in the hips when putting socks on. The handle is a good size and fits nicely in the hand. The heel cup of the shoe horn is wide and cups the heel nicely. My socked foot does not slide out of the cup at all.

I find socked feet slide down the shoe horn VERY easily. I've worn thin 'summer' nylon-like socks and thick 'winter' cotton socks and both have handled the sliding very well. I think the hardest 'material' to use this with would be bare skin. I'm afraid the skin may stick and skid along the metal.

There is some give to the shoe horn, but I don't feel the metal would actually break. This has to be expected with how thin the metal is, and given the fact that you actually need to maneuver the shoe horn into a shoe.

I've used this with a pair of Walmart Velcro sneakers, a no-name brand of tie sneakers and a pair of Groobs slip-on shoes and have had NO issues with getting my foot entirely into the shoe. I have had issues with the tongues, but this is not a fault of the shoe horn... I experienced these problems BEFORE using the shoe horn.

I really don't see disabled people having problems using this shoe horn. It's large enough to be held easily and works quite well.

This item is available from Smart Diabetes Coach on Amazon for $16.99.

This shoe horn is an EXCELLENT addition for a disabled person's self-care routine and I would highly recommend it.

**As per FTC guidelines, I received this product in exchange for an honest review. Only compensation I received is the product(s) mentioned above. All opinions are my own and your usage/results may vary.**

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