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Friday, April 17, 2015

REVIEW -- Keurig Reusable Coffee Filter

Keurig Reusable Coffee Filter

• USE YOUR OWN FAVORITE COFFEE: You don't have to use flavored coffees and which may not be your favorite, you have freedom to choose the kind of coffee you want.
• SAVE MONEY Save Money on expensive single cup pods can cost upto 50 $ a pound for coffee and create non degradable material for earth.
• SAVE PLANET ECO FRIENDLY, GO GREEN: No Cup to throw away, Dishwasher Safe, Save Money on expensive single cup pods can cost up to 50 $ a pound for coffee and create non degradable material for earth.
• LAST LONGER, EASY TO USE: Silicon O-Ring for Less Seal Deterioration and Side Mount Grips for Immediate Removal After Brewing.
• EASY CLEANING: Smooth Inner Surface which allows for Easy Cleaning. With lid closed, turn the Cafe@Cup upside down and firmly tap the lid on a counter top; Open the lid and the entire coffee puck should fall out with a slight shake; Rinse the inside of the cup with water
This is the first post I've had to make of this sort. After being approved back in March 2015, I never heard from the company. After multiple attempts to contact the company through Tomoson and through the Amazon Seller page, I finally gave up and decided to do this post.

^^empty shipping box, representing the shipment I never received^^

I really can't give any other feedback on this item. I do know these will NOT work with the Keurig 2.0 machines, unless you have a Freedom Clip or somehow 'hack' the machine, like taping a label from a Keurig 2.0 cup to the machine or the lid of the refillable cup.

Since I never received these, I also cannot say how easy these will be for a disabled person to use.

You can purchase these from Amazon for $7.90 plus shipping. Maybe you'll have better luck receiving them.

According to the Tomoson promotion, I am to do a giveaway, but because I never received a review sample, I do not expect the company to follow through with fulfilling the giveaway.


I cannot recommend this, since I was not given a review sample to test.

**As I never received this item, I don't believe I have to disclose per FTC guidelines. I am adding this disclosure to be safe.**

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