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Friday, April 17, 2015

REVIEW -- Pringles Cheeseburger flavor

Pringles Food Truck Flavors
in Cheeseburger flavor


Everything you love about cheeseburgers, without all the napkins. Seriously, it’s all in there – the full burger experience in a Pringles® crisp. How did we do it? We’ll never tell. Mostly because our mouths are full cuz we’re munching these amazing crisps.

I love junk food. The greasier, the gooier, the more unhealthy, the better. Yes, I know... It's not good for me, blah blah blah. But it's not like that's ALL I eat. I like my raw veggies, I like my whole grain breads and I like my poultry as well. I'm actually not one for beef/burgers, which trust me, I catch flak for. Even when we go out to restaurants, my entree is usually chicken based.

But, when I saw these in our local Dollar General a few months ago, I figured I'd give them a go.

^^The design on my can^^

The flavor of these are VERY reminiscent of a plain McDonald's single cheeseburger. I was able to taste the beef patty, the ketchup, the pickles, the onions and the cheese. I didn't taste too much mustard flavor on these, the same as not tasting it all that much on an actual McDonald's cheeseburger.

The hardest problem a disabled person will have with these chips is actually opening the paper pull-lid... and not eating them all in one sitting.

These are a limited time only flavor, so you MAY have a hard time finding these. I have yet to spot these in Dollar General again. However, there are plenty of sellers on eBay that have these (and other flavors) for sale.

I really liked this flavor and would LOVE to get my hands on a few more cans.

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