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Friday, May 8, 2015

REVIEW -- Adam & Eve Products

Adam & Eve Products

**As per FTC guidelines, I received this product(s) in exchange for an honest review. Only compensation I received is the product(s) mentioned below. All opinions are my own and your usage/results may vary.**

Even though I am disabled, as a grown woman, I have needs. Adam and Eve makes it possible to take care of those needs safely and discreetly.
About Adam & Eve
Founded in 1971, Adam & Eve is the nation's largest marketer of adult products with millions of satisfied customers worldwide. We are one of the oldest companies in the adult industry as well. Over the decades, we've built a time-tested reputation for honesty and reliability in an industry known for shady business dealings and fly-by-night operations. Our loyal customers know they can rely on Adam & Eve to treat them fairly, protect their privacy, and stand by our promises.
Thanks to Emily S. and the rest of the crew at threegirlsmedia.com, I was fortunate enough to test two of Adam & Eve's products for them, The Eve's Lucky Bunny & Adam & Eve Rabbit Couple's Ring.

Please click the 'Read More' below to read my reviews...

Adam & Eve Rabbit Couple's Ring

• Extra-long clitoral stimulators contain powerful mini-vibes
• Functions like a rabbit vibrator to drive her wild!
• Extended butterfly wings designed for vaginal stimulation
• Naturally increases his size to the optimal length and girth
• Play with 7 different speeds and vibration patterns
• Measures 3 inches in diameter
• Made from super stretchy and hypoallergenic silicone
• Vibrators use 3 LR44 watch batteries, included

The penis ring features two extra-long clitoral stimulators, each with a built-in mini-vibe, for unbeatable pleasure! The stimulators are designed to function just like a rabbit vibrator – so you know that she’s sure to love them! The multispeed mini-vibes feature 7 distinct vibration speeds and patterns, giving you plenty of options to try out. Simply press the button on top of the ring to cycle through the different modes. Holding the button down turns the toy off when you’re done. To further enhance her experience, the butterfly wings surrounding the ring even double as vaginal stimulators.

While your partner is enjoying the vibrations and wings, the penis ring has a surprise in store for you too! The ring’s snug fit around your shaft causes blood to pool within your penis – naturally boosting your size up to your maximum length and girth!

Penis rings are considered one of the best toys for couples, since they offer something for both men and women. Men experience a natural boost in size, caused by blood collecting in his shaft from the ring’s snug fit. Women enjoy the additional stimulation provided by the ring, which feels like a rabbit vibrator.

The penis ring measures 3 inches in diameter. It’s made from high-performance silicone. Silicone is particularly useful in sex toys for its many special properties. Unlike other common materials, silicone is hypoallergenic and nonporous, which makes it easy to clean and safe for people with severe allergies or sensitive skin. Silicone stretches easily, so it can fit a wide range of guys, while retaining its natural form for a long-lasting snug fit. The vibrators use 3 LR44 watch batteries, which are included for immediate use.
My FH and I tried this a few times and while we liked it, he felt it was a little snug for him. FH (known as Pookie online, for privacy) is 'blessed' in the lower region. It did not get in the way during the actual act, but Pookie commented that the base of his penis was tender the next day. The tenderness had subsided by night, however.

^^outer box of what I received^^

In our case, the Adam & Eve Rabbit Couple's Ring works better during foreplay. Pookie can slide it onto two fingers and use it during manual stimulation. It works great in this respect, for nights when my hips or back are too sore to do anything strenuous, but Pookie and I still want to be intimate.

When using this, I was able to reach climax quicker than when not using it. I also felt that the climaxes were more powerful during usage.

The biggest problem disabled people may have with this is inserting the batteries. This takes watch batteries, so they are tiny. Folks with poor to moderate motor skills will definitely need help putting the batteries in. Even though I have enough steadiness in my hands for most things, Pookie had to install them, because I continuously dropped them. Turning the vibrating part on is fairly easy. I cannot tell how easy it is to actually put on, since Pookie did this himself. I will say he seemed to have less trouble when we used it on his fingers. This is not a problem of the company and does not affect usage.

The Adam & Eve Rabbit Couple's Ring can be purchased at Adam & Eve's website for $29.95.

Very nice item for couples; will be a bit hard to use if the man is sizable.

Eve's Lucky Bunny

Many women prefer the cute bunny ears on popular rabbit style vibes over other features.

If this sounds like you, then grab this Lucky Bunny now!

Eve's Lucky Bunny sports a pair of tender, flexible bunny ears designed for the clitoral hot spot. Each ear is a-buzzin’ with 7 different functions of vibration, pulsation and escalation.

This 6.5" tall, 1" wide silicone vibe is easy to handle. Not only are the ears suitable for surface stimulation, it will rock your world anywhere you put them!

• Eve's Lucky Bunny
• Personal vibrator designed primarily for women
• Soft silicone ears on a firm, shaft shaped body
• 6.5” x 1”, 4.5” insertable
• Ears are 1.5” long
• Uses 1 AAA battery (sold separately)

Before you start playing with Eve’s Lucky Bunny, grab a single AAA battery. Twist the cap off of the bottom of the vibe. Follow the label and insert the battery with the positive (+) sign toward the bunny’s ears. Now twist the cap closed.

Whoa! Did your bunny start buzzing without you touching the controls? If so, open the cap back up and flip your battery around – it’s in backwards.

All loaded up and ready? It’s time to start the vibes. To power up, just press the button for about 3 seconds. To power down, just press the button again for about 3 seconds. That way it's less likely you'll accidentally turn this naughty rabbit on.

Click through all 7 speeds as you wish. This feature is perfect for deciding which speed is best for you at that moment.

And your Eve's Lucky Bunny is waterproof, suitable for the extra privacy you can enjoy in your tub or shower.

If you haven’t heard by now, silicone is easy to clean and bacteria repellent. Just use your favorite sex toy cleaner to keep your Eve’s Lucky Bunny looking and working like new.

Is your partner a good candidate for this kind of targeted stimulation? Then help her get lucky –– Eve’s Lucky Bunny, that is!
This is more of a solo-use toy. The vibrations aren't overly strong and it feels nice in the hand.

^^outer box of what I received^^

I decided to put the waterproof features to the test and took this into the shower with me one night. The buzzing was low enough that the rushing water covered the noise, but powerful to do the job. I climaxed within 30 seconds of using it, something that other vibrators wasn't capable of achieving. I also felt that the climaxes this gives were more powerful than other vibrators.

I really like the fact that this can also be used for non-sexual uses. I've used this on a eye strain headache and sore muscles. When the ears of the bunny are placed on the bridge of the nose, it quickly relieves the pressure that has built up. The ears also pinpoint the vibrations right where they are needed. Somehow, I pulled the muscles in my left shoulder one night, and I was able to position the ears on either side of my collarbone for relief.

The biggest problem disabled people may have with this is turning it on. The button needs to be held for 3 seconds to activate it. The button pushes easily, but if a person isn't steady enough, their fingers will slip and it won't turn on.

The Eve's Lucky Bunny vibrator can be purchased at Adam & Eve's website for $29.95.

One of the best vibrators I've used. Sturdy enough for pleasure, but flexible enough to stretch and move as needed

A *HUGE* Thanks to Emily S. and the rest of the crew at threegirlsmedia.com for allowing me to do a review. It's very appreciated!

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