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Sunday, May 31, 2015

REVIEW -- Booty Fresh Personal Spray

Booty Fresh Personal Spray

Booty Fresh™ is not a deodorant spray, cologne, or perfume. Booty Fresh™ neutralizes odor-causing bacteria absorbed under the skin of the **** and surrounding area. After it’s rinsed off, it leaves your bootay smelling like... well... nothing! It‘s no joke! Booty Fresh™ deodorizes when soaps and wipes fail. Yes, it really, really works.

THE MOST AMAZING SPRAY FOR YOUR BUM: With a full application of Booty Fresh, you won't notice a scent from offending areas for up to two weeks or longer.

BEYOND HYGENE: Get's Where Soaps, Wipes, and Toilet Paper Can't. Regular washing can not remove everything permeating the skin. In fact, toilet paper is a huge cause of a "permanent" odor down there.

DATING | EXOTIC TRIPS | CAMPING: Spray on Booty Fresh for that extra boost of freshness where you’ll need it most. Complete confidence that you are clean and sexy wherever you are!

UNSCENTED & EXTRA SOOTHING: Booty Fresh is made with soothing aloe vera & leaves your bum smelling like... well... nothing! That part is for you to decide.

ALL NATURAL & SAFE: Safe to spray in mouth - safe to swallow (yuck! - we DO NOT recommend) – 4oz Spray –Made in the USA – 120 Uses

This will give you a totally stink-free-bum (or whatever your word for it is), even if nothing else seems has worked. I don't know how to say it any other way: It Totally Works.
Having CP, I worry about having body odor due to not being able to clean that well. I try to clean the best I can with scented baby wipes, but I still am concerned with it.

So, I mentally did a happy dance of joy when I was approved for Booty Fresh.

I used it twice and I threw nearly the entire bottle away.

First off, the outer bag it came in looked wet, so I think some of it may have leaked during shipping. It didn't feel like much had leaked out, so I didn't bother filing a claim.

But what made me throw out the nearly-full bottle is the fact that I developed bright red WELTS on my nether regions within hours of use. These welts were large, fiery red, very hot to the touch and PAINFUL. Seriously, it felt like someone had a welding torch to my backdoor. I had to go commando for a few days, because underwear HURT.

Now, I am normally NOT allergic to the two main ingredients in this, Aloe Vera and Hydrogen Peroxide, I use hydrogen peroxide on any cuts I get and I have used aloe vera lotions. But I do think I am allergic to the mixture.

Another thing I had trouble with, and what I think most disabled people will have trouble with is the application of this. I had to have my FH spray it onto me. While he's used to seeing me naked, I felt very embarrassed and self-conscious about needing help with this.

This is available from Amazon for $29.95.

It's good in theory, but I was allergic to it.

**As per FTC guidelines, I received this product in exchange for an honest review. Only compensation I received is the product(s) mentioned above. All opinions are my own and your usage/results may vary.**

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