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Sunday, May 24, 2015

REVIEW -- J&D Foods Croutons

J&D Foods Croutons


Recently, we got tired of salads tasting like… well, salads. So we combined the great taste of bacon with the perfect crunch of super premium gourmet croutons. It turned out that Bacon Croutons were so good that we found ourselves doing more than adding them to salads. We put them in soups. We dropped them in chili. We crunched them up and used them in mashed potatoes, meatloaf, fried chicken breading, casseroles, green beans and stuffing. And we inhaled them as (healthy) snacks. The possibilities are endless.

As if you needed another reason to “pig out,” Bacon Croutons are vegan and kosher, contain 0g of trans fat, are naturally flavored and have no cholesterol or preservatives.

The newest members of our innovative gourmet crouton family are:

J&D’s Tomato Basil Croutons – try them with your tomato soup
J&D’s Pretzel Bread Croutons - a tasty snack or stuffing
J&D’s Everything Croutons - just like an Everything bagel, with onions, garlic, poppy seeds, sesame seeds and sea salt

All of our croutons work on any salad, and start with only the finest ingredients. You’re just one bite away from happiness!
I have a love-hate relationship with croutons. I love them, but they HATE my teeth. They always seem too hard and I don't want to say I get a toothache from them, but I do get sore gums from them.

But, I was willing to give J&D Foods the benefit of the doubt when I received these 3 bags for review.

I received their newest flavors for review. We ended up eating them straight out of the bag for the most part. Let's take a look at each flavor.

These had the taste of Prego or Hunt’s Traditional Spaghetti Sauce. We also tasted a good amount of garlic in these. Full of flavor and crunch.
TASTE: 8/10

These taste like those large broken pretzel rod pieces or those ‘filled’ pretzel pillows minus the filling. I really can’t describe these any other way than using broken ‘soft pretzel’ pieces as croutons, just dried out or baked in the oven to hardness. I liked these, but I like pretzels to begin with. These were Mama Melissa's LEAST favorite.
TASTE: 9/10

Just as it says, tasted just like an Everything bagel. Very heavy on the garlic and the sea salt flavor. I didn’t really taste the poppy seeds (although you could see them in the croutons) or the onion. I halfway joked about spreading cream cheese on the pieces.
TASTE: 8.5/10

Disabled people shouldn't have any issues with these, minus any chewing problems they may have. The outer bags are rip-to-open, and are resealable. These are double-bagged for freshness, so the inner bags may be a bit hard to open.

Available from the stores listed below or you can order online at The Baconsalt Store...

But WAIT!!! J&D Foods wants to give away a prize pack!
J&D Foods Croutons giveaway

Very yummy croutons. Great just to snack on as is.

**As per FTC guidelines, I received this product in exchange for an honest review. Only compensation I received is the product(s) mentioned above. All opinions are my own and your usage/results may vary.**

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