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Sunday, May 3, 2015

REVIEW -- Sentey Kairos Pro mousepad

Sentey Kairos Pro Mousepad

• Mouse Pad Gaming Hard Plastic PVC
• Medium Friction Level
• Standard Edge Style
• Friendly Rubber Natural Eco
• Non-Slip Rubber Base
• Professional Series
• Gaming Surface

Physical Specifications
• 5mm Thickness
• Black Surface Color
• Black Base Color

Size: Medium
Dimensions: 310 x 254 mm / 12.1 x 10 inches
Robust Packaging

This Ultra lightweight mouse pad wields an extremely low friction GLIDETECH gaming surface capable of enhancing the tracking speed of virtually any gaming mouse!
With its edge-to-edge hard plastic (PVC) top, and eco-friendly rubber non-slip base, the Kairos Pro mouse pad from Sentey is definitely equal parts comfort and function.
I use an optical gaming mouse. I like them because they have a quicker response time. The downfall is that the 'feet' gather EVERYTHING from the surface I use.

I decided to accept Sentey's invitation to review the Kairos Pro mousepad, to see if I could combat, or at least deter this problem.

^^Stock photo of the mousepad in folded mode^^

^^What I received -- Mouse is my roommate's Zelotes 5500 DPI 7 Button LED Optical USB Wired Gaming Mouse^^

I do like the plastic topping to the mousepad, and it does make moving the mouse easier than moving it on the table or desk. I also like the fact the rubber matting does prevent slipping and movement, but I'm sorry to say that's where the praises end.

Upon taking it out of the box, the corner looked to have 'bubbles' in it. This is what the corner looked like withing about 36 hours.

^^photo of the peeling corner^^

I don't feel this mousepad would hold up all that well in a hardcore gaming environment, especially if the corners peel this easily. Whipping the mouse around the desk may cause the PVC top to peel even quicker than mine did

Again, The hardest thing disabled people will have with this is the packaging. There was a plastic wrap around the box that was kind of hard to peel. Disabled people should have NO issue actually using the mousepad.

This is available from Amazon for $14.99.

Nice mousepad, but doesn't feel very sturdy or durable.
WOULD RECOMMEND: If you get a good one, Yes.

**As per FTC guidelines, I received this product in exchange for an honest review. Only compensation I received is the product(s) mentioned above. All opinions are my own and your usage/results may vary.**

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