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Monday, June 15, 2015

MOBILITY MONDAY -- Lumex Walker with wheels


Another new feature in the blog... MOBILITY MONDAYS. Just like Beauty Wednesdays, I'm going to feature a product that will fit the theme. Mondays are all about making the task of getting around independently a little easier.

This week, I take a look at an item I've been using for almost 2 1/2 years now.

Lumex Walker with 5" wheels

• Sturdy 1" aluminum tubing provides maximum strength while remaining lightweight
• Dual-release folding mechanism enables user to fold walker sides independently
• 5" front fixed wheels
• Complete with glide tips that replace rear leg rubber tips to enhance walker maneuverability on all surfaces
I bought this in January of 2013, because I was going through a period where walking was becoming increasingly difficult, even with a quad cane. I was pretty much to the point I could not function independently; I could not get a cup of coffee on my own. It would take me at least 5 minutes to walk around our table and to the kitchen sink (about 20-25 feet) to take care of my plate and utensils at mealtime. Running errands would take 3-4 hours, because I simply felt unsteady on my feet in parking lots and store aisles, where there is nothing to grab onto if I fell.

I knew if I didn't do something SOON, I would end up where I didn't want to be, at least not for another 15-20 years... in a wheelchair. I know I will PROBABLY end up in one before everything is said and done, but I want to postpone this as long as possible.

I did my research carefully and decided on the Lumex brand. It would give me the most bang for my buck and it was in a color I like, red.

The walker with the transport tray and 2nd set of wheels (separate purchases) installed

What I really like about this walker is the freedom and independence it has restored for me. I now feel steadier on my feet. When using the transport tray, I can get my own coffee again. I can get my own meals and/or snacks. I can take care of my own dishes and utensils in under a minute. Depending on how many stores I need to go to, Errands can take up to 2 hours, simply because I can walk with speed and I feel stable doing so.

I also like the ability to fold this walker up. This makes it easier to take with me when doing errands. I can fold it up, put it in the trunk and go.

The durability of this is just AMAZING. As I've said, I've had this for nearly 2.5 years, and it's handled EVERYTHING I've thrown at it. I've taken it to a local state park, I've taken it to a private campground, I've used it in 6"+ of snow, rain, sleet, sun, mud... and it still looks and functions like brand new.

Photo taken 07.28.13 at Fillmore Glen State Park

It originally comes with one set of legs with wheels (shown on the front of the walker) and a set of standard legs with glides. However, these were AWFULLY noisy and were scratching the wax on the tile floors we have. I tried to muffle the sounds with the 'tennis ball' glides, but it really didn't muffle the noise and I was going through tennis balls quickly. I ultimately ended up buying a 2nd set of legs with wheels for the rear set. I know it's not recommended to do this, but this had really increased my mobility. Only downfall is the colors don't really match. I ordered 'Metallic Red,' but the color is closer to a 'Metallic dusty pink.'

Only problem disabled people will have is the assembly of the walker. My walker came disassembled, with the legs in plastic bags. The legs just slide into one another (The legs are hollow tubing) but they have the dreaded push-knob 'stoppers.' It may be hard for some disabled people to push the knobs to slide the tubes into one another.

This is available from Amazon for $35.85. (Other colors are available on the site)

I love this walker. It seems very sturdy and holds up well through various situations. I am VERY pleased with this purchase!

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