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Saturday, July 4, 2015


Laptop Carrying Bag

One size Adjustable Fit all 10.1" 11.6" 12.5" 13.3" 14" Laptop Notebook Computers
This High Quality durable Laptop Bag Provide Fully Protect Your Laptop And Comfortable Cushioned Top Handle

Multi-Purpose Compartment Holds Cables, Power Supply, Extra Batteries, PDA, Calculator, PC Card etc.

Inside pocket to hold 2 x 3.5" Diskette or CDs
Extra Padded Cloth Interior for Absorbing Shocks and Vibration
Provides Maximum Protection from Dust, Scratches and other Damage
Fits Up To a 14 " Inch Widescreen Laptop Computer
Extra Deep Front and Back Pocket Used for Storing Documents and Files or AC adapter
As much as I really don't like it, I'm using an Asus Chromebook. Oh, don't get me wrong; I LOVE my Chromebook, but with my lack of saliva control, I'm leery of having a laptop or notebook computer. I'm afraid I'm going to drool into the touchpad and ruin the system.

Plus, I am unsteady on my feet, so I'm nervous I will drop it when I carry it unprotected anywhere. So, I took some of my birthday gift money and bought this bag for carrying my Chromebook.

^^exterior of the bag^^

This is made out of nylon material, so it seems to hold up well. The zippers feel like they are metal, but I'm not 100% sure. The slider and the pull are silver metal, but I do not know if the teeth are black metal or black plastic.

I ordered the purple and pink color block design. This comes in 9 other color combinations; all black, all red, all pea green, pale pink & deep pink color block design, all pale pink, all deep pink, black & pale pink color block design, black & purple color block design, and black & blue color design. I chose the purple & pink color block design, because they are two of my favorite colors.

The front of the bag, where the pink section is, has zippers for two compartments. There is a smaller pocket, where I keep my gaming mouse when in transport. There is also the zipper to the main compartment.

^^stock diagram of the interior^^

^^Top half of the interior^^

I personally haven't used them yet, but I like there are 3 slots for writing instruments in the interior of the bag. There's also another pocket, for CDs or diskettes. However, since Chromebooks (or Chromedevices, in general) don't use CDs or floppy diskettes, I really have no need for this pocket. I'm sure I could throw an USB flash drive or external drive into this pocket, if I wanted to.

There is also a Business card/ID slot on this part, but since my Chromebook NEVER leaves my house, I don't see myself using this slot.

^^Bottom of the interior of the bag^^

On the bottom of the bag is two thick elastic bands, which hold the laptop in the bag. There is also a thick piece of foam with Velcro on each end. This is originally intended to be a 'divider' for the bag, to section the bottom compartment for a power adapter or mouse. Since I have one of the bigger Chromebooks, there's really no reason to section the bottom off. My mouse and my power adapter would fit nicely into the front pocket and I'd still have room to spare. I actually use the foam piece to secure the Chromebook under the elastic bands and provide a little more cushion on top of the Chromebook.

On the back of the bag (which I did not take a photo of) is yet ANOTHER zippered pocket. This is where I personally would keep any papers or my notebooks.

There are two ways to carry this bag; with the handle, making it a briefcase, or with a long adjustable strap, making it a shoulder or a messenger bag. I prefer to carry it using the strap as a cross-body bag. I feel more secure with it in a cross-body style.

I can see disabled people having trouble with the strap. It hooks on with plastic snap hooks, which can work HARD. It's also an adjustable strap, and I could see disabled folks having issues feeding the nylon strap through the belt-style clip. The zippers work well and do not catch or stick. The elastic can easily move to allow the system to slide under them.

This is available from WesternPowers on eBay for $19.89 with Free Shipping.

I really like this bag. The numerous pockets are a bit overkill for my use, but I'm sure I'll be glad if I need them.

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  1. This looks really nice. I have been in the market to purchase a laptop bag and just never seem to decide on one. I love that it has a ton of pockets, that really can come in handy and the best thing the price. Great deal. Thanks for sharing and checking it out now.