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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

TECH TUESDAY -- FotoJet Online Collage Maker

FotoJet Online Collage Maker

FotoJet is a free online collage maker that enables users to quickly create amazing photo cards, collages and posters without the hassles of downloading or installing anything. It’s as easy as 1,2,3 to use it:

• Choose from 190+ templates for collage, photo card and poster to get started.
• Add photos and freely customize the collage as you wish.
• Freely save collage as JPG/PNG or directly share it via Facebook.
As I've said before, before I got into blogging, I used to be an aspiring graphic designer.  I used to play in Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro for HOURS on end, just designing. But when my Windows XP installation crashed beyond repair in April 2014, I had to stop because I never could grasp GIMP that well. It really is NOT the free open-source answer to Photoshop.

A few weeks ago, PearlMountain contacted me and asked me to review their online collage maker, FotoJet. I was intrigued by it, because I find most online 'graphic programs' lack a LOT of features that are standard with stand-alone graphics or image editing software.

FotoJet offers over 190 different templates to use, ranging from simple collages to Facebook timeline covers. I didn't use it, but it seems like you could even make your own photo birthday and wedding invitations.

For this review, I decided to make a Facebook timeline cover with my 3 favorite male celebs.

Facebook cover photo made with FotoJet Online Collage Maker
Men used (L to R): Jon Bon Jovi, Mike Tramp, Roman Reigns
Shrunk to fit Blogger's layout -- Go here for full size

I found the interface VERY simple to use. There is nothing to be installed; this is strictly web-based. The site is written in Adobe Flash, so most modern browsers will be able to use it with no issues. It's pretty much a drag & drop site, so it's easy to manipulate the photos. The Facebook timeline above took me about 5 minutes to make.

There are 30 different fonts for use through them, or you can use your own (those that are installed locally on your system). I'm on a Chromebook, so I don't think I have many 'fancy' fonts on here.

I really like the varied designs available and the ease of use, but the only thing I didn't like was the lack of ability to move the text around. Clicking on the text brought up the dialog to change the font face, size and alignment. I didn't like the fact that there was no way that I could find to move the text to a different spot on the collage/graphic.

I don't really see disabled people having an issue using this software. As long as you can type on a keyboard and use a mouse, you can use this software.

Please visit FotoJet for more info or to try it out for yourself.

Easy to use web-based software that allows you to create beautiful graphics from your photos

**As per FTC guidelines, I received info about this product in exchange for an honest review. Only compensation I received is the graphic shown above. All opinions are my own and your usage/results may vary.**

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