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Saturday, July 11, 2015

SELF-PURCHASE SATURDAY -- Universal Walker Tray

Universal Walker Tray

Carry meals, snacks, crafts or paperwork from room to room with ease. This durable plastic walker tray fits neatly through the sidebars of any standard walker so you can safely transport items. Designed with two recessed beverage wells and raised edges to prevent items from slipping off. 21" x 16".
When I bought my Lumex Walker in 2013, I bought it with the intent of having more independence, including being able to take care of my own plate and utensils quicker than I was using the quad cane. However, I realized that I wouldn't be able to do that without some sort of tray on the walker, because it's hard to control a walker one handed.

So I bought this universal walker tray to accomplish this task.

The transport tray 'installed' onto a Lumex Walker with two sets of wheels (separate purchases)

This comes fully assembled, as it's just a piece of plastic. It literally just slides over the handlebars and rests on the walker. This makes it easy to take off the walker when it's not needed, like going in public.

The only problem I have had with this tray is how weak the sides are. After about 6 months of use, the one side of the tray started to crack and the Seal-All I used to try repairing it didn't hold for very long. I used Ducklings mini-duct tape to tape the crack back in place. It hasn't moved since. Otherwise, I don't see disabled people having issues with this tray.

This is available from Dr. Leonard's for $14.99 or buy searching Amazon for 'Walker Tray.'

This walker tray is a MUST for anyone using a walker around their home.

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