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Monday, August 24, 2015

ADMIN POST: Update on the Internet issues

Okay, so... here's where we at...

Verizon called me today and asked me if we were working. Well, when I left the room where our modem is, we were, but Mama Melissa yelled down that we WEREN'T. Christina told me that she was waiting for info from the local manager, and when she had more info, she'd call me back BEFORE 5 pm ET.

Christina called me about 3:40 PM and told me that told me yet ANOTHER tech was looking at the 'remote site' to see what the issues were. She then said she'd call me back tomorrow and give me MORE info, because they are having issues with their equipment, but they can't pinpoint it.

So, this tech then called me, told me that he was down at the remote site on Town Line Rd, which is 2.8 miles away, and everything looks good, but he was going to check some other things.

On Saturday, Bob (the original tech) did some work down there and this morning, he even switched out some ports, which was supposedly the issue, and I should have been fixed.

Except I wasn't.

About 15 minutes later, the 2nd tech is pulling in our driveway. Everything looks good on Town Line Rd., so he can't figure out why we keep dropping the signal. He runs a few tests and figures out that it's somewhere in our wiring from the telephone pole to the house, because OUTSIDE, we're pulling over 3 Mbps downstream, but our jack is pulling 510 Kbps downstream. He changes a few wires in our outside boxes and all of a sudden, my jack is pulling the 3 Mbps down, but the modem/WiFi is pulling 1.3 Mbps downstream.

After pulling anywhere from 100-300 Kbps downstream all weekend when I had a signal, I'll HAPPILY take the 1.3 Mbps downstream. LMAO

The 2nd tech still wants to set up a call to replace the main wire from the telephone pole to the house, to see if we can get the full speed of 3 Mbps I'm paying for actually through the modem. The good thing is, they DON'T need to replace the jack... they hope.

I'm STILL not sure how well we're going to work on Tuesday during the day, because I wasn't keeping a connection during the day, but I was keeping a 'workable' speed at night, from 8 pm on.

IF I'm actually fixed, I'll get caught up this week and actually have posts for you guys.

IF NOT... I'll have to wait until Verizon gets me fully fixed and up to what I should be.

I'm so sorry, you guys. I seriously HATE this. I just want a steady, WORKING DSL connection. I'm hoping Verizon can give me this soon.

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