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Saturday, September 19, 2015

SELF-PURCHASE SATURDAY -- Gooby Dog Hoodie/Harness

Gooby Dog Hoodie/Harness

Keep your precious pet warm in the fall months with this adorable pullover soft fleece Hoodie/Harness!
You will appreciate the special quality of GOOBY !!!
It is sleeveless and easy to put on & off. Just slip it on over their head. Front legs go through the holes! It has a D Ring for your leash so it acts as a harness as well!
It's very light weight and does not have a lining. It is not a winter coat.
At the end of July, we lost our sweet baby boy Morris. It was kind of expected, as he was an older cat when we took him in last year. But it still hurt.

About 2 weeks later, my HS friend Athena offered us a 7 month old Chihuahua puppy, Chase. After a lot of hemming and hawing, we said yes.

^^Chase, a few days after we got him^^

He's adorable, isn't he? Being he has Chihuahua in him, he's going to get cold quicker than say a dog than resembles Benji.  With our house being on the frigid side and outdoors being even colder in the winter, I went on a search at Amazon to get him a coat. I got him a 2-in-1 combo, a fleece undershirt and an outer warmer shell. I figured he could use the fleece shell in the house and obviously the outer shell for when it's snowy out.

The problem is, Chase refuses to walk in the coat. I don't know if it's too heavy for him or if he doesn't like anything on his front legs, but he just stands completely frozen still when wearing even just the fleece shirt. But I don't want him to be cold during the winter either. So this time, I headed to eBay, and wound up with this from Gooby.

^^Stock Photo of the pullover, without the hoodie^^

It's cut higher in the tummy section for the boys, so they don't wee-wee on the shirt. It covers their little rump and doesn't choke them around the neck.

What I like about it is the hoodie on it. It will keep his head and ears warm during the windy days. I also like the built-in leash hook on the back of the hoodie. Because this has a hoodie on it, We don't have to fight with feeding the leash under the hoodie to hook onto his harness, or fight with putting the harness OVER the shirt.

This is available from mydoggiescloset on eBay for $16.19 and Free Shipping.

We really like this hoodie. It keeps Chase warm when outside and Chase seems to like it too!

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