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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

TECH TUESDAY -- iDream 360 Memory Card carrying case

iDream 360 Memory Card carrying case

Hot pink memory card case with zipper closure,Size (L*W*T): 11*6.5*2cm
8 pages durable plastic pages - 22 memory card compartments
4 large slots hold cards up to 43mm wide for CF cards/SmartMedia cards /MicroDrive or Nintendo DS games cards; 18 small slots hold cards up to 24mm wide for SD /SDHC /MMC /XD /Mini SD or Micro SD
Protect your memory cards from dirt, scratches and damages,easy to use and convenient to carry.
Memory Cards NOT included
Over the years, I have collected my share of SD cards. Having a digital camera and then different smartphones/tablets, You NEED them. But I was tired of having little plastic cases just loose in the bottom of my camera 'bag' (which is actually an old denim purse) and taking the chance of having a case fall out of the bag if I were to be looking for a specific tripod or more batteries.

So, I took some of my birthday money in June and purchased this case.

The outside is made of what seems to be nylon. The zipper teeth are plastic, with the slider and pull tab appearing to be metal. Opening the case up, There are 4 larger slots in the front and back, and in between those are 6 pages of 3 one-sided slots. The slots are big enough for a typical SD card or adapter. They also allow 'labels' to be inserted. As shown below, I can use 'divider' tabs as a label, to identify what's on the card.

The case is about the size of an original iPhone, small enough to be slid into a jacket pocket or purse side pocket. However, It is a little thinner than the original iPhone.

^^outside of the memory card case^^

^^Inside of the case with my Chromebook Recovery Card shown^^

What I really like about this is the amount of slots I have to work with. Technically, i have 22 slots, but considering I don't have/use any 'larger' SD cards or the DS games, I can use those slots for the microSD cards and their adapters, or more normal SD cards. The plastic on the pages seem very durable and rip-resistant. I'm obviously NOT going to attempt to rip the plastic, but the slots hold up well to my shaky hands trying to get the cards in and out of them.

The problem I see some disabled people having is the slots. While they don't work stiffly, they ARE tiny and some disabled people may be too shaky to insert the cards without a few tries. Once the card is lined up correctly, the cards will slide right in.

This is available from Amazon for $5.99.

Works wonderfully for storing SD cards. A must have for anyone who uses SD cards on the go.

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