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Monday, October 19, 2015

REVIEW -- Pupjoy Subscription Box

Pupjoy Subscription Box

Rewarding Good Dogs & Doing Some Good
PupJoy gives dog lovers a better way to treat — a modern concierge model that combines the best of convenience, control and value — with customized ordering and to-your-door delivery of clear-labeled healthy dog treats, unique well-crafted toys and artisan accessories that are sourced from small suppliers who are focused on creating quality, responsible products.

We weren’t satisfied with the options in the market, and we found that many of you weren’t either, so we identified the common challenges and built a better way.

PupJoy was conceived with a pretty simple premise — let's create joy — so we built the business on the guiding golden rule that we should treat everyone, from our customers, partners, employees to those in need, in the way that we would want to be treated ourselves.

"Treat Better" is a principle for doing better business, better in a bunch of ways, and it is the catalyst for the charitable programs that we collectively support through the PupJoy Care Pack community.
Chase is the 'Pampered Pooch' here. He's VERY spoiled and very loved. Mama Melissa and I are ALWAYS buying him something new to either munch on or play with, as evidenced by my recent posts.

When PupJoy agreed to send me a one-time box for review, I was excited. More toys and goodies for the baby boy!

What I really like about PupJoy is that it's completely customizable. I can pick the size of the box, what I want in the box, and whether I want Gourmet treats or Grain-free treats. I can even specify what kind of toys my puppy should have!

Let's see what's inside!!

Outward Hound Firehose Fetch
Expect long-lasting fun with Outward Hound Firehose Fetch toys! Made with double-stitched seams and real firehose material, these toys are built to stand up to tough chewers. Perfect for fetch, tug or toss games, Firehose Fetch toys will keep your pup having fun!
Bound to become your best friend’s favorites, our lovable toys are durably designed with an engaging array of shapes, sounds and textures so you can have huge fun with your furry friend.

Chase is a toy freak. He loves to play with toys. This toy can really stand up to chewing and tug of war games daily. It made from very durable material, which looks like nylon, but I could be wrong. It does seem to have a squeaker in it, but the squeak is VERY quiet, and you can miss it if you're not listening for it.
The only problem this toy seems to have is the stitching likes to fray, but a simple snip with the scissors and it's taken care of.

Baitfree quick-release Blue collar
An eye catching adjustable quick-release collar made with durable materials. Comfortable and easy to take on and off. Collars 9-14" long are 3/4" thick. All others are 1" thick. 20% of all Bait Free proceeds support the physical and emotional needs of rescued bait dogs.

We actually DON'T use a collar for Chase; we use a harness. When we first got Chase, he was rubbed raw from the collar he had on. I don't know if it was because the collar was too tight or if he pulled on it a lot during walks, but Mama Melissa put her foot down; NO COLLARS. We ended up giving this to a relative for their dog.
But the collar was made from good materials and I liked the fact that it is a quick-release form factor. This style collar would be the best style for disabled people, as it takes minimal effort to put on and take off.

Your Pet Chef Guilt Free Treats
Who can resist a great pot of lamb stew? Your Pet Chef brings these great flavors to your pet with their Lamb Stew No Guilt Treats! Flavorful and delicious. These treats are dehydrated to perfection using Your Pet Chef's raw food recipes preserving all of the nutritional benefits of the protein meat and vegetables in each piece. This is a lightly crunchy treat (not a jerky style) that your dog will love and no choke hazard. Perfect for seniors! Our No Guilt Treats are hand crafted in our Chicago kitchens and pieces measure roughly 2" x 1" (sizes vary). Packed with protein and minimal fat they are the perfect treat full sized or they can be easily snapped off for a training treat. 4 oz. resealable standup pouch

Chase was indifferent to these treats. He ate them, but it wasn't his favorite treat. He usually would nibble on this treat throughout the day, compared to his SPORTMiX Puppy Biscuits, which were always GONE within minutes.
I don't think he liked the lamb meat used, because he LOVES other meats. If we had received a different protein choice, I think he might have liked these better.

Kim’s Barkery Oatmeal cookies - Applesauce flavor
Apples contain omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which are great for healthy, glossy coats and help to control skin allergies. Apples also contribute to joint health by being a great source of vitamin C, which plays a role in collagen production, needed for soft-tissue support for joints. They are low in sodium and saturated fat—a bonus for more portly pups—and provide delicious dietary fiber. Of course, the sweetness of apples is not lost on Fido!

These were Chase's FAVORITE treat. He LOVED these cookies, and I honestly think he was a bit depressed when these were gone. They were small enough to be bite-size, even for him, and they really didn't crumble.
We could really smell the applesauce in these cookies, and I'm kind of shocked Chase did like them. And they contained a slew of good vitamins for him, so I felt no guilt letting him munch on these daily.

Good Dog Bakery Original bones
Good Dog Bakery's handmade treats are a nutritional source of human grade products that are safe for dogs. Because they are handmade and oven-baked from natural ingredients, they contain no artificial preservatives or fillers, unlike dog treats available commercially. Give your furry family member this wholesome and delicious treat for a happy, healthy life.

When we got these, they were a bit too big for Chase's mouth. But he's grown a LOT over the two months we've had him, and he can now chomp on these with no problems.
I smelled a LOT of ginger in these when I opened the bag the first time. Chase seemed to like these better than the lamb meat treats, but not as much as the applesauce cookies.

The main problem I see disabled folks having is the packaging. The treats come in traditional zip bags, so they may be troublesome for some disabled folks to open and reseal. The collar and the toy were easy to remove from their packaging.

This is available from PupJoy.com for $29.00 month-to-month. There is a discount if you subscribe to longer subscription terms. But, you can save even MORE with 10% off (any subscription) by using the code: CPCHICK

Awesome subscription box for dogs! All the bases are covered when it comes to your pooch's needs!

**As per FTC guidelines, I received this product in exchange for an honest review. Only compensation I received is the product(s) mentioned above. All opinions are my own and your usage/results may vary.**

A HUGE thanks to Dustin McAdams and the entire team at PupJoy for making this review possible!

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