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Saturday, October 17, 2015

SELF-PURCHASE SATURDAY -- PetLike Puppy Solid Rubber Teething Toy

PetLike Puppy Solid Rubber Teething Toy

Solid Rubber Teething Toy

Smooth bones for easing sore gums when teeth are coming through
Knobby bones are great for teething puppies and helps keep them from chewing on things they shouldn't!
Our puppy Chase is 9 months now... and he's still teething! He loves chewing things that he shouldn't be... our rug, blankets, pillows, cardboard boxes, skin... whatever he can get his little mouth on, he gnaws at it.

When he was 7 1/2 months, I bought him the EverPet Dog Toy Variety pack from out local Dollar General. In the pack was a green rubber star chew toy. He would chew on it all the time. But like with any toy, it wore out and cracked along one of the 'points,' making it an 'open star' and I didn't feel it was very safe for him to keep chewing on. So, we tossed it out.

Once the green star was gone, he then moved to another toy that I bought for him, but he was too little at the time to chew it; a chew toy that looks like baby back ribs. It squeaks... scratch that. It DID squeak... until he chewed a hole in the corner of it. He also chewed right through the tennis ball that was included in the EverPet variety pack. It was about this time that he began chewing on the non-chewable items.

Since Chase sleeps with Mama Melissa, I wanted to find a toy Chase could chew on at night, if his gums started to hurt, but wouldn't keep us awake with the constant squeaking. And I found it with the PetLike Solid Rubber Teething toy.

^^Stock photo from auction^^

^^What we received^^
Shaped like a bone, it measures 4.5" long and is made from solid rubber. It has little nubs all around the edging of the toy, and a cute paw print design on the top and bottom of the bone.

Chase loves it. He will hold it with both paws and gnaw on it for hours. He also likes to play tug of war with it, and he will start playfully growling as you're playing with him. I know it's recommended to NOT let him growl, but once playtime is over and he knows it's over, he will not growl. He rarely even barks. We hit it lucky that Chase is an easy-going dog. Yes, he likes to play a LOT, but he also loves to snuggle and cuddle with anyone who will snuggle and cuddle with him.

I really can't see disabled people having an issue with this, since it's made for a dog. The hardest thing a disabled person may have trouble with is cutting the zip tie that holds the toy to the cardboard.

This is available from ebay user eqmountaindiver for $5.99 and free shipping. (I have seen other listings on eBay for less, but I purchased mine from eqmountaindiver)

Great toy for teething puppies to chew on at night when everyone is asleep.

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