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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

TECH TUESDAY -- Onn Optical Mouse

Onn Optical Mouse

The Onn Optical Mouse allows you to use it in either hand. With 3 buttons and a scroll wheel that make it very easy to select and perform other functions, this USB optical mouse is perfect for home and business use as well. It is ergonomically designed and is thus comfortable to use and puts no stress on your hands even after prolonged hours of usage. This black computer mouse connects has a USB plug through which you can easily connect it to your computer. With this versatile design, the Onn mouse can even be put to use with a laptop as you can just plug and play to make your computing experience faster and easier.

Onn Black Optical USB Mouse:
-Use in either hand
-Connects via USB
-Scroll wheel
-Easy-to-use USB cable
-Optical resolution
I am ROUGH on computer mice. Granted, my Logitech M325 Wireless Mouse is still ticking, but I really don't like replacing batteries, and I can be forgetful when it comes time to shut them off for the night.

I was using a generic gaming mouse, because I do play Pogo games and I am still able to do some light graphic work on my Chromebook. But about two weeks ago, that mouse died with the scroll wheel acting very odd, lagging and catching when attempting to scroll. So, on my next trip to Walmart, I picked this up.

^^Stock Photo -- My mouse does not have the logo^^

I paid about $8 for it, and I really can't say too much negatively for that price. It's designed to be a plug & play peripheral, and I can attest it was this way on my Chromebook.

^^the actual mouse on my desk^^

I have seen reviews where the mouse became unusable anywhere (multiple clicks, random movements, odd scroll wheel behavior) from one week to a year after purchase. I've had this for 11 days as of this review and I haven't seen any signs of the issues reported in those reviews. If those issues surface, I will go back to my Logitech mouse until I have the money to purchase the Zelotes gaming mouse.

I don't see disabled folks having any issues with this item. If they can use any other mouse, they can use this mouse.

This is available from Walmart for $3.98 online or $7.98 in-store. (also available from Amazon for $12.99)

Not a bad mouse for the price; does what it should.
WOULD RECOMMEND: At this time, Yes

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