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Friday, November 27, 2015

Eco Friendly Quality Artist Colored Pencils

Eco Friendly Quality Artist Colored Pencils

Colowlful color pencils are a wonderful addition for the beginner artist to the more serious coloring in fanatic, young and old alike. These high quality, long lasting pencils are crafted in natural wood and come in an assortment of 24 vibrant colors. Our color cores resist breakage whilst the soft lead makes for easy clean sharpening. The coloring pencils have a very comfortable grip, which makes for effortless drawing, sketching, blending and shading. Our earth conscience product comes in an eco friendly box and is Non-Toxic, Phthalate free, and above all animal Cruelty Free. Unleash the artist in you because life is about using the whole box. Copyright © Colowlful 2015. Sold Exclusively By Coogee Productions.

HIGH QUALITY - Crafted in natural wood, these long lasting color cores resist breakage. Soft leads makes for easy clean sharpening. Size Of Pencil: 6.93 x 0.27 inch
ASSORTED COLORS - Great for the classroom, kids coloring and adult coloring books.
COMFORTABLE GRIP - Ensures smooth effortless drawing, sketching, blending and shading.
EARTH CONSCIENCE - This new product is Non-Toxic, Phthalate Free, Cruelty Free and is jam packed in an eco-friendly pencil box
Having tried the Sargent 50-pack of Colored Pencils and an off-brand that came in an art set, Mama Melissa was unimpressed with either set. The off-brand pencils 'leads' crumbled extremely easily when using and the Sargent brand broke the 'leads' easily. Neither set suited Mama Melissa's needs.

While she really likes the pencils themselves, because the 'leads' seem sturdy, are 'Artist Grade' and are made from solid wood, she does have some issues with them. They are minor issues, but she feels they are worth mentioning (And I'm taking these directly from her youtube video, which has now been deleted)
• These have no color name on them. So, you really don't know what shade you're going to be using past primary color names (red, blue, dark blue, pink, green, etc)
• Different paper textures will give different color shade results. Using these on printer/copier or lined notebook paper gives a color closer to the paint on the pencil, whereas using the pencils on a sketchbook, pamphlet/glossy paper or any paper with a texture to it, the color dulls. Darker and some primary colors will fade to a light shade of that color and lighter colors (like yellow) turn to an almost white shade, making them VERY hard to see.
• These also do flake or crumble a bit, but nowhere near like the off-brand pencils from the art set.

The only problems I see disabled people having with these are sharpening them with an handheld sharpener or putting them back in the box. Otherwise, if a disabled person can hold a writing utensil, they will be able to use these pencils.

This is available from Amazon for $12.95. (Right now, They are 'Currently unavailable,' so I'm unsure if the price will be the same once back in stock)

One of the better sets of colored pencils on the market, but the color results will depend on the paper used.

**As per FTC guidelines, I received this product in exchange for an honest review. Only compensation I received is the product(s) mentioned above. All opinions are my own and your usage/results may vary.**

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