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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Le Pooch Premium Beef Jerky Dog Treats

Le Pooch Premium Beef Jerky Dog Treats


Le Pooch Premium Beef Jerky Treats are a delicious, healthy treat. 
- 100% American Made.
- Free from nasty foreign ingredients.
- They smell delicious without leaving an odor on your hands.
- Easily breakable makes them perfect for training.

So many choices, so little information! Choosing pet food can be overwhelming, as you always want to source the best, healthiest alternatives for your furry friends.
However, in recent times we have seen several tragic incidences of beloved dogs and cats passing away due to the nasty foreign ingredients included in some pet food brands around America.

This is due to the lack of adequate packaging labels that have failed to include a proper list of ingredients, making it difficult for owners to see the potential dangers in what they are putting into their pet's stomach. Le Pooch Premium Beef Jerky Treats eliminate the guesswork in selecting the best treats for your dog. Made of 100% pure grade American Beef and free from wheat, corn, soy and gluten fillers ensure your pooch can enjoy a safe and healthy treat they will love!

Never overfeed your pet treats - this can cause your fur baby to become ill and counteract the effect of a balanced diet.
Our dog LOVES these treats. They look exactly like Pupperoni sticks, but Chase seems to like these more than the Pupperoni sticks.

^^what I received^^

I like that there aren't any added fillers in these and the first two ingredients are beef and sweet potatoes. I feel happy knowing that even though Chase won't usually touch veggies in his foods, he's still getting the veggies he SHOULD have when he snacks on these.

Disabled people shouldn't have any trouble with the treats, since they are for dogs. However, the bag is resealable, so that may be difficult for some if the zip seal is not lined up correctly.

This is available from Amazon for $19.36.

Yummy sticks you can feel good about giving your dog

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