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Friday, November 13, 2015

Munchpak October 2015


What is MunchPak?

MunchPak is an assortment of the best snacks from around the world delivered to your home, dorm room, or office as often as you would like.
So, it's the second month of Munchpak, and as you can see, I am very behind. What can I say, Facebook and Pogo are the banes of my existence.

But, November's box will be here next week, so I wanted to get October's review posted before November's box arrived!

Again, I told Mama Melissa I would do a written review on this, so I'm going in the order she unboxed the MunchPak in. FYI, We got the FamilyPak, which has at least 20 snacks.


Palebola Tama-Roca Tamarind Fruit Candy with Salt and Chili
A delicious chunk of Tamarind fruit covered in Mexican candy's signature spicy chili and salt seasoning. Salty, spicy and sweet make for a delicious snacking treat.
Country: Mexico

This looked like a huge lollipop. The taste was okay, but it had pits in it, which ruined it for me.
TASTE: 5/10

7Days Bake Rolls Tomato, Olives & Oregano
Delicious, wholesome and savory bagel shaped bake rolls have a great flavor and awesome crunch.
Country: Greece

These are actually just like the Bagel Chips you can buy in most grocery stores… same texture and crunch. I liked the taste of these, in which I tasted more olives and oregano, but they were a bit hard on my teeth.
TASTE: 8/10

Frito Lay Rancheritos Tortilla Chips
Exceptional crunch and deliciously spicy Sabor Ranchero flavored tortilla chips make for a wholesome and delicious snack choice.
Country: United States

Even though these say they are a US product, with a little research, I see they are made in Mexico, or at least are a Mexican brand of chips.
That being said, These tasted like the spicier flavors of Fritos corn chips. Not as hot as the Flamin’ Hot flavor, but a bit spicier than the Chili Cheese flavor.
These are also shaped more like traditional corn chips and not the typical tortilla chips.
TASTE: 8/10

Ming Chi Taiwan Strawberry Wafer
Ming Chi Taiwan Strawberry Wafer - natural and delicious strawberry wafers
Country: Taiwan

I wouldn’t even call these ‘wafers.’ These seemed more cake-like to me. A bite-sized strawberry twinkie. A little on the sweet side for me.
TASTE: 7/10

Velikovi Salt Sticks with Olives
Awesome, very unique and exceptionally wholesome olive flavored salt stick pretzel sticks.
Country: Bulgaria

I really liked these. They kind of had a bit of a buttery flavor to some of them, while others were heavy on the olive flavor. These have the black olive taste, which I like better than the green olives. I didn’t taste too much of a pretzel taste to them, to be honest.
TASTE: 9/10

Bourbon Petit Soft Choco Cookies Shittori
These cookies are soft and delicious and are of course.. absolutely adorable. Who can resist Bourbon Petit cookies when snack time is calling.
Country: Japan

I did NOT like these at all. The centers are filled with a chocolate filling of some sort, and even with the filling, the cookies seemed dry. Mama Melissa ate these herself.
TASTE: 2/10

Barcel Takis Zombie Habanero and Cucumber Tortilla Chips
Super spicy and utterly delicious Zombie Takis are here in the fun and portable Mini size. Hot Habanero and savory cucumber flavor are out of this world.
Country: Mexico

Interesting flavor. The cucumber flavor on these is different than a normal cucumber… I really don’t want to say ‘fake,’ but it's definitely not like chomping into a fresh cucumber.
The habanero flavor hit after a few chews and it is quite hot. I liked it alot.
TASTE: 8/10

Grape Hi-Chew
Delicious and ever so juicy, these are treat everyone is sure to enjoy. Grape flavor is so chewy, yummy and delightful.
Country: Japan

I think by now, we KNOW what Hi-Chew candies are; This is my 3rd time reviewing them. This time, we got the grape variety. Usually grape candies have that overpowering, nauseating ‘fake grape’ flavor to them. Not with these though. The taste is more of a ‘grape juice’ taste.
I also like that these candies are soft on the teeth. They start out firm, but have a very soft consistency from the first chew.
TASTE: 9.5/10

Thailand Tamarind Candy
These high quality and exceptionally delicious tamarind candies are made from simple wholesome ingredients and create a delightfully rich candy treat.
Country: Thailand

Tamarind translates to ‘Indian Date.’ I liked the ‘flesh,’ but there were ‘pits’ in it and I didn’t care for chomping on one of them. This was another item that Mama Melissa had to herself.
TASTE: 6/10

Sogo Sweet Rice Cake Japanese Style Mochi Green Tea Flavor
Exceptionally satisfying Green Tea flavored Japanese Style Mochi is an international favorite.
Country: Taiwan

Honestly, this looked like a huge glob of dough. I’m unsure if this should have been baked or not; we tore it in half and ate it that way.
I didn’t taste a LOT of green tea in this, but it was very soft and chewy.
TASTE: 7/10

7Days Max Croissant Creme Brulee, Flavor
Rich and wholesomely delicious, this creme brulee filled croissant creates a fantastically dreamy snacking experience.
Country: Poland

Take a custard filled donut and replace the donut part with a croissant bread. You now have this pastry.
I was a bit disappointed with this snack, since there was more croissant than filling. But the pastry is of the sweet variety, and that made up for the disappointment… just a little bit.
TASTE: 8/10

Umaibo Corn Puff Vegetable Salad Flavor
A delicious vegetable salad flavored corn puff from Japan.
Country: Japan

These snacks seem to be a staple of the Munckpak boxes, because every review I’ve seen of them has one in it.
If you don’t know what Umaibo snacks are, they are basically hollow tubes of plain cheese curl textured puffs with powdered flavoring. That being said, this time we got the Vegetable Salad flavor.
I tasted more of an Italian dressing flavor that actual veggies in this. It was still yummy though.
TASTE: 9/10

Lotte Happy Promise Choco Pie
A delicious chocolate cookie filled with marshmallow filling and covered in chocolate. Similar to a Moon Pie!
Country: South Korea

Exactly as they said… similar to a Moon Pie. Except I seem to recall the American Moon Pies having more… moisture to the cake. The cake seemed awful dry and crumbly, even with the chocolate and the marshmallow filling. I think I’d rather eat the American version of this snack.
TASTE: 6/10

Wai Wai Noodles Tum Yum Shrimp Flavor
Wai Wai noodles Tom Yum Shrimp Flavor are so delicious and so amazing that they are ready in 1-2-3. Add the noodles to hot water, add the first seasoning and second sauce packs and you have a snack that's a meal.
Country: Thailand

I actually have not made these yet. I am a RABID ramen noodles fan, so I’m pretty positive I will like these.
What makes me curious with these is the fact that there are TWO packets to work with, not just one.
I will update this when I do make it.
UPDATE: So, I made these tonight (11.15.15), and I was NOT impressed. They were very hot... Almost to the point I was crying from the way my mouth was burning. Only way I could eat these were to make plain Ramen noodles and mix them in, and even then, the taste was still a bit too hot for my liking.
TASTE: 2/10

Medovinka Honey Cake
Super moist, rich and delicious honey cake covered in rich milk chocolate.
Country: Bulgaria

I honestly don’t remember what this tasted like. There were SO many cakes in this box, that they seemed to run together. I do remember if was moist, unlike some of the other cakes.
TASTE: 7/10

Wellmade Chewies Fruit Filled
High quality Fruit Filled Chewy Candies that taste like all your favorite assorted fruit flavors
Country: United Kingdom

Fruit-juice filled toffee. There were 4 different flavors of these candies; strawberry, grape, apple and orange. All were very chewy. I personally liked the orange one the most. The juice just burst through with the first bite.
TASTE: 9/10

Lotte Kancho
From the creators of Koala's March comes a similar treat. A cookie type biscuit that is filled with delicious chocolate cream!
Country: South Korea

Last month, we had the Lotte Koalas Green Tea Matcha Flavor biscuits and they were okay. These are the same type of cookies/biscuits, but with chocolate filling.
I thought these were better than the Green Tea flavor, but nothing I’d make a special trip to the store for.
TASTE: 7/10

Haribo Gummy Tagada
These fun and delicious little gummy snack treats are a party in a bag. Even the fun characters on the package are throwing a party for just how good these are.
Country: Germany

These tasted like strawberry gummies… which is understandable, considering the proper name for these are Fraise Tagada. The only difference between these candies and the proper Fraise Tagada is these don’t have the fine sugar on the outside.
I like strawberry candies, so I enjoyed these a lot.
TASTE: 9/10

Solen Crazy
Solen Crazy Milk Chocolate Coated Wafer with Crispy Rice
Country: Turkey

Reminded me of the American Hershey’s Krackle bars. I didn’t really see or taste the wafer in these, but I did see and taste the crispy rice embedded into the chocolate. Speaking of the chocolate, it had a similar taste to Hershey chocolate, but creamier. I think the company added more milk/cream to the chocolate.
TASTE: 8.5/10

Banderitas Coconut bar
Delicious and fresh tasting coconut candy bar that makes your mouth water just looking at it.
Country: Mexico

Take a Mounds bars and strip the dark chocolate from it, then add food coloring to the ends to make it look like a Mexican flag. You have this bar.
I got this all to myself, since Mama Melissa is HIGHLY allergic to coconut. I really liked this, but I love coconut to begin with. I wasn’t too fond of the food coloring though, since I have some ongoing mouth issues and the red coloring fooled me into thinking I was bleeding from the mouth.
TASTE: 9.75/10

Lotte Nude Pepero
Sweet biscuit sticks with a remarkable chocolate cream filling. Very good!
Country: South Korea

Last month, we had Stark Prima Pretzel Sticks, which were similar to these. Again, I really didn’t taste too much chocolate filling in these; The biscuit overpowered the chocolate.
TASTE: 7.5/10

Only problem I see disabled people having with this (minus any allergies) is opening the packages and chewing the chewy candies thoroughly. If you can eat snacks, you'll be fine.

This is available from MunchPak.com starting at $9.95. These come in 3 sizes; MunchPak Mini (5-6 Snacks), MunchPak Original (10+ Snacks) and MunchPak Family Pak (20+ Snacks), and you can have it delivered weekly, bi-monthy or monthly. As I said, Mama Melissa subscribed to the FamilyPak, delivered monthly.

Love this service! It's great to get snacks from around the world without leaving your house!

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