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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Chomps Snack Sticks

Chomps Snack Sticks

Chomps Snack Sticks are an awesome new health product made with 100% Non-GMO Grass-Fed Angus Beef which is sourced from New Zealand. The sticks contain no artificial ingredients (no nitrites, nitrates, MSG, colors, flavors) and are shelf stable for a year with the help of celery juice! Best of all, they taste AMAZING!

Think much healthier and tastier version of Slim Jim's.
Growing up, I really wasn't one for Slim Jims or summer sausages. I liked salami as a child, but it wasn't until my tween years that I even ate pepperoni on my pizza.

I like those meats now, but I know they aren't really that good for me, considering how processed they are.

But... what if there was a meat snack, without all the junk but still tasted delicious? That's EXACTLY what you have with Chomps Snack Sticks.

I was sent a 6-count sample pack for this review. Let's take a look at the flavors.

^^The 3 flavors: (Top to bottom) Hoppin' Jalapeno, Crankin' Cran & Original^^

Want to add a kick to your snack time without reaching for the junk food? Just snag a stick from this 5-pack of Hoppin’ Jalapeno Flavor Chomps. These paleo-friendly beef jerky snack sticks are great for healthily satisfying hunger while tantalizing taste buds with their savory spices. If you’re looking for a bite that can bite right back, the feisty flavor of these Chomps is sure to please.

This is the ‘misleading’ one of the bunch. It starts out with a milder taste than even the Original and them BAM! Jalapeno explosion!
I do have to say though, the beef tones down the Jalapeno flavor QUITE a bit. I’ve had subs with jalapenos on it that had more heat than these sticks.
I also liked the fact that there are actual pieces of jalapeno peppers IN the stick. It has an added bonus of veggies in the snack.
TASTE: 8.5/10

Satisfy your hunger with the sweet and spicy goodness of Chomps’ newest flavor: Crankin’ Cran. We’ve built upon our original snack stick recipe by adding a blend of ingredients that brings on a whole new dimension of flavor. Hot habanero peppers give an extra spicy, savory base flavor, which is enhanced by the addition of sweet and tangy dried cranberries. With 5 of these paleo-friendly snacks in a pack, you’ll have plenty to spice up your days. (really, these are very spicy!)

I didn’t copy the little note the company had on the website about these being toned down, because I HONESTLY don’t think they were. These were BY FAR the hottest sticks received. Mama Melissa and I shared one, and while I’m nearly CRYING from the spiciness, Mama Melissa said she didn’t taste ANY Cranberry in it. I ended up giving the rest of my half to Mama Melissa; one bite was enough for me.
TASTE: 2/10

If you’re looking for an all-natural way to snack, grab this 5 stick pack of Original Flavor Chomps Snack Sticks. Made from 100% grass-fed beef, they’re loaded with 9 grams of protein, and are sugar and gluten free. Our Original Flavor Chomps Snack Sticks feature the same savory taste that first made us popular: slightly smoky, slightly spicy. The taste is sure to make every snack time a mouthwatering experience.

Reminded me a LOT of summer sausage. Nowhere near as spicy as a Slim Jim, and much more tender. I usually have trouble eating Slim Jims, because of my sensitive gums. But I had no problems chewing these.
They also did not leave my mouth and tongue on fire like typical Slim Jims do either. There is a kick to them, but it quickly fades with a cold drink.
TASTE: 9/10

Only problem I see disabled people having is opening these. I needed scissors to open them. If you can chew a Slim Jim, you can chew these.

These are available from GoChomps website starting at $11.59.

Yummy beef sticks that are good for you... what's not to like?

**As per FTC guidelines, I received this product in exchange for an honest review. Only compensation I received is the product(s) mentioned above. All opinions are my own and your usage/results may vary.**

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