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Monday, December 14, 2015

Loving Pet Products

Loving Pets Products

Established in 2005, Loving Pets Corporation focuses on affordable, high quality, all-natural dog and  cat treats, as well as decorative stainless steel feeding pet bowls, eco-friendly pet feeding dishes and slow feeding accessories.

Just like you, Loving Pets truly cares about the health and well-being of the pets we all love. The founding vision has grown to creating new innovations and healthy alternatives pet owners can trust, and delivering a quality second to none.

Whether you are a dedicated fan of Loving Pets’ ever-expanding collections of healthy and high quality treats, bowls, and accessories, or if you are new to Loving Pets, we sincerely appreciate your support and welcome the opportunity to serve you.  With innovation at the forefront of our mission, we love to hear from our customers!  Please post reviews, stories, photos, etc. or visit our product pages to share new ideas for future expansion.

With deep retail distribution across the U.S., Canada and growing international markets, Loving Pets continues to focus its efforts on healthier, all natural pet treat options incorporating vitamins and supplements that are beneficial to pets and the growing number of health-conscience pet owners. Dedicated attention to ingredients, high-quality products and affordability are the standards that set Loving Pets apart from competition.
Yep, another pet review.

I spoil Chase rotten here. I can't help it. He's such a sweet pup. People fall in love with him instantly. They say his snaggletooth is just the cutest! When I had the chance to review some more doggie items with the boy, I jumped at the chance.

Wicker Dolce Diners food bowl

Loving Pets Wicker Dolce Diners feature a molded plastic wicker design with 2 removable stainless steel bowl inserts. removeable rubber feet provide extra stability, while the plastic and stainless steel are dishwasher safe. Available in 3 colors (Ivory, Chocolate, and Black) and in 2 sizes (1 Pint and 1 Quart)
Chase has LONG outgrown the bowls he had when we first got him. I tried getting what I actually think was a cat bowl for him, but it didn't hold as much as his first bowl, so it became relegated to his 'travel bowl.'

I needed SOMETHING that was sturdy enough for every day use, but able to grow with him as he grows. Granted, he's not going to get much bigger than he is now, but I'm sure his appetite will increase as he matures into Adulthood.

What I really like about these bowls is the fact that they are individual bowls. With Chase's 'travel bowl,' if one side gets dirty from soft food, but the other side has dry food, you pretty much have to waste the dry food to wash the soft food residue out.

But with this set, I can easily grab the dirty bowl, clean it and put it back, all without disturbing the other bowl. I can also take one bowl and fill it with water or dry food while Chase is eating or drinking from the other bowl.

There are rubber feet on the bottom of the plastic base, so even the most rambunctious eater won't move the set across the floor. The bowls are stainless steel, so while that's good for soft food not staining the bowls, they CAN become rusty if stale water is not changed quickly. The entire set is dishwasher safe, However I prefer to hand wash pet bowls. It seems to be a lot quicker.

Chase likes these bowls, but I think he's still a bit too little for them. He seems to have trouble getting his food and water out if it gets too low in the bowl.

Great set of bowls, but I think they're more suited for medium to larger dogs

Waggles Chicken Skin Treats

Loving Pets' latest line of USA made treats for dogs, Waggles, are simply irresistible! Waggles are made from 100% natural USA grown chicken skins, providing a satisfyingly chewy treat with serious flavor. Waggles are wheat free and gluten free, providing the perfect treat for allergy prone pooches.
The only downfall with Chase is we think he has a food allergy, rather it's a dye allergy or a different type of allergy we're unsure. I say we *think* because we are unable to pinpoint if it IS an food allergy or if it's dry skin, because some residents INSIST on giving him table food. (Yes, I know it's unhealthy, but you cannot tell this man NOT to. He's of the 'I did it with my dog and he was fine' theory. No amount of vets telling us not to works.)

What I like about these treats is they have no dyes and are all natural, 100% chicken skins, so I feel good giving Chase these treats. I know these treats won't affect any allergies he may or may not have. I do notice that he does not scratch AS bad when Mama Melissa and I are in charge of his diet, which we feed him Hill's Science Diet Puppy bites and all natural treats, and Waggles fits right into this diet plan.

Chase loves these treats as well! He scarfs them down and begs for more. We limit him to 3 pieces at a time, to stretch them out, and he whines and pokes at the bag for more.

A yummy, wholesome treat with no junk added... total win for the pampered pooch in your life!

Only thing with these products disabled people may have problems with is the zip seal on the Waggles bag. If not lined up correctly, it will not seal and if the bag falls, the treats will go all over. I don't see any issues with the pet bowls.

These products are available from Loving Pets Shop. Please click the link for more info.

Loving Pets offers high quality pet products that your pets are sure to love!

**As per FTC guidelines, I received this product in exchange for an honest review. Only compensation I received is the product(s) mentioned above. All opinions are my own and your usage/results may vary.**

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