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Friday, December 18, 2015

Munchpak November 2015


What is MunchPak?

MunchPak is an assortment of the best snacks from around the world delivered to your home, dorm room, or office as often as you would like.
So, it's the third month of Munchpak, and as you can see, I am very behind. What can I say, Facebook and Pogo are the banes of my existence... when our internet service works.

But, December's box will be here next week, so I wanted to get November's review posted before December's box arrived!

Again, I told Mama Melissa I would do a written review on this, so I'm going in the order she unboxed the MunchPak in. FYI, We got the FamilyPak, which has at least 20 snacks.


Chili Millis
Yummy and chewy candies are half spicy and half sweet to give a fun and delicious twist on chewy candies.
Country: Pakistan

In our taste test, I had just ate another spicy snack and my mouth was still on fire from that, so I really couldn’t tell if the hotness was from this snack or the previous snack. But I did like the sweetness this had.
TASTE: 7/10

Awake Caffeinated Chocolate bar
This chocolate is not only delicious, it also contains as much caffeine as a cup of coffee!
Country: Canada

I usually like chocolate (even though it doesn’t like me), but this just tasted absolutely disgusting to me. I know it said ‘Milk Chocolate,’ but it tasted more like dark chocolate and I cannot STAND dark chocolate. I’m pretty sure it was the caffeine that affected the taste of the chocolate, but this is something that I would not eat again by choice.
TASTE: 5/10

Slaps lollipops
10 insanely chewy, sticky and delicious mango flavored lollipops come in each package of Slaps candy that has been stretched completely flat and thin.
Country: Mexico

I saw this on Elly Awesome’s MunchPak unboxing and my reaction was the same as hers. It’s the same premise as a Fruit Rollup, but with a stick at the end. I actually really didn’t care for this; it was way too sticky for me.
TASTE: 3/10

Zweet strawberry marshmallow rope
These delightful and tasty marshmallow Strawberry Braids are huge! This is a yummy treat is sure to make anyone feel like a kid at heart.
Country: Turkey

Reminded me of cotton candy, taste wise. Very soft and chewy, but didn’t have the overpowering ‘marshmallow’ powdery taste. I really enjoyed this!
TASTE: 9/10

Sesame bar
Sweet and crunchy sesame snaps. Absolutely delicious!
Country: Bulgaria

I usually love things with sesame, but this fell flat for me. It was light on the sesame flavor and whatever they used to hold the sesame seeds into a bar tasted burnt.
TASTE: 6/10

Vidal Gummi Tropical Frogs
These fascinating and marvelous little gummy frogs have a tropical look and taste and look surprisingly just like the real thing.
Country: Spain

They do look (and to a point, feel) like real frogs. I didn’t really taste too much tropical fruit flavor to this, but it seemed to fizzle a little bit when I bit into them.
TASTE: 8/10

Haribo Tropifrutti
Every time you bite into one of these tropical flavored gummies, a cool ocean breeze will head your way
Country: Germany

Loved the taste of the tropical fruits in this. I love gummy candies to begin, but the Haribo is becoming my favorite brand QUICKLY.
TASTE: 9/10

Bamba Peanut snack
This exceptional treat is crunchy, flavorful and has a mild peanut taste that is very popular.
Country: Israel

Tasted like a corn curl, but instead of the powdered cheese flavor on them, it tasted like peanut butter. Quite interesting and quite yummy.
TASTE: 9.5/10

Reese’s Spreads Snackers
Delicious Reese's peanut butter and chocolate mixed and melted into a delicious spread pack alongside together with mouth watering graham cracker dippers sticks for dipping. Great on the go!
Country: United States

Remember Dunkaroos or the Teddy Grahams with the ‘dipping cup?’ Just take the cookie part and turn them into sticks, then dip them into melted peanut butter cups. These were absolutely delicious.
TASTE: 9/10

Tom Yum Mun Goong ramen noodles
Wai Wai noodles Tom Yum Goong Flavor are so delicious and so amazing that they are ready in 1-2-3. Add the noodles to hot water, add the first seasoning and second sauce packs and you have a snack that's a meal.
Country: Thailand

After learning my lesson with last month's package, I made DOUBLE the Ramen noodles for these. Helped TREMENDOUSLY. They were still spicy, but much more tolerable. I really liked these compared to the ones I had last month.
TASTE: 9/10

Bissli Falafel wheat snack
Tasty wheat crackers that have an exceptional crunch. This particular version comes in the super yummy Falafel flavor.
Country: Israel

I have NO proper knowledge of what Falafel even taste like, so I don’t know what I should have been tasting here. What I DID taste was wheat. It was good, I just wish the falafel taste was stronger.
TASTE: 7/10

Cadbury Dairy Milk bar
Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar is original, imported from England taste the difference of British candy and chocolate. Great for gift or for yourself.
Country: United Kingdom

I’m not a ‘chocolate snob’ by any means, but my FAVORITE chocolate is Gertrude Hawk chocolates. I blame my high school fundraising efforts for this addiction. However, Cadbury would come in a 2nd place. I now understand why British people scoff at Hershey’s chocolates.
This was very creamy and the chocolate was EXACTLY like the outer shell of the Cadbury Creme Eggs, which yes, I know Cadbury makes both. So, if you like the outer shell of the Cadbury Creme Eggs, you’ll enjoy this bar.
TASTE: 9.75/10

Starburst Superfruit flavors
Starbursts exceptionally amazing super fruit flavors are beyond delicious and extraordinarily mouthwatering.
Country: United States

I think we’ve all had Starburst sometime in our lives. Mama Melissa ate these alone, since I knew these would not play nicely with my teeth.
TASTE: 9/10

Tayto Cheese & Onion
Scrumptious and deliciously crispy, these light and sunflower oil cooked potato chips are cheese and onion flavored. Yum!
Country: Ireland

I tasted more onion on these chips. But it wasn’t like onion taste from Sour Cream & Onion chips; this was more like the onion taste from Funyuns. I LOVED these… my favorite item in the box.
TASTE: 10/10

Tortrix BBQ corn chips
Crunchy and delicious corn chips with a similar texture to Frito's but flavored with a super tasty BBQ flavor.
Country: Colombia

Where was the BBQ flavor? These tasted like plain Fritos. While I like Fritos, the BBQ flavor on these were disappointing.
TASTE: 7/10

Hanuta wafers
Exceptionally delicious and made of pure perfection this exquisitely crafted treat is made from hazelnut Ferrero chocolate filling that is sandwiched between rich hazelnut wafers.
Country: Germany

Take a Ferrero Rocher chocolate and flatten it between two wafers. Absolutely delicious. Very crumbly though.
TASTE: 8.5/10

Tortica Original
Tortica is among the best-known Kras brands. This wafer snack is of exceptional quality
Country: Croatia

Croatian version of Keebler Fudge Sticks. Only difference is that the filling in these was chocolate and not vanilla. Otherwise, same taste.
TASTE: 9/10

Sabritas Japones Japanese style peanuts
Perfectly roasted and lightly salted peanuts are covered in delicious Sabritas Japones style seasoning.
Country: United States

I didn’t really taste too much spice on these. I tasted more of a sweet flavor, almost like a honey roasting. There was SOME bite to it, but nothing overpowering or burning.
TASTE: 8/10

Crispin Shark
This chocolate bar is irresistibles. It says so on the package. Sandwich de galleta cubierta con chocolate. Superbly delicious.
Country: Guatemala

I’m ashamed to say I don’t remember too much about these. I THINK they were similar to Oreos, but I’m not entirely sure.
TASTE: Unknown, because I forgot the taste.

Yummy fruit flavored hard candies with even yummier fruit filling. These are a real treat whenever you pop one in your mouth.
Country: United Kingdom

Hard candies with what seemed to be fruit juice in the middle. I liked these a lot. Not overly sweet, and the fruit juice was a nice surprise.
TASTE: 9/10

Zapp’s Spicy Cajun Crawtators
Deliciously mysterious New Orleans Kettle Spicy Cajun CrawTators Kettle Style Potato Chips have an amazing crunch, wholesome kettle style flavor with a slightly tangy, but not overwhelming taste.
Country: United States

I LOVED these. Nice amount of spice and heat, but not OVERLY done. Good amount of crunch as well. Taste reminded me of Utz’s Crab Chip, which isn’t surprising, considering Utz is the parent company of Zapp’s. Wouldn’t mind getting these again.
TASTE: 10/10

Only problem I see disabled people having with this (minus any allergies) is opening the packages and chewing the chewy candies thoroughly. If you can eat snacks, you'll be fine.

This is available from MunchPak.com starting at $9.95. These come in 3 sizes; MunchPak Mini (5-6 Snacks), MunchPak Original (10+ Snacks) and MunchPak Family Pak (20+ Snacks), and you can have it delivered weekly, bi-monthy or monthly. As I said, Mama Melissa subscribed to the FamilyPak, delivered monthly.

Love this service! It's great to get snacks from around the world without leaving your house!

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