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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Southern Breeze Sweet Tea

Southern Breeze Sweet Tea

Southern Breeze Sweet Tea is sweet tea inspired by the South itself. Sweet as the scent of magnolias. Relaxed as a well-worn porch swing. Refreshing as a secret swimming hole. Southern Breeze Sweet Tea is a bottomless glass of hospitality and refreshment, made with real tea leaves in a bag that you hot-water brew, steep and chill. It’s everything Southern sweet tea should be and more – the sweetener is already in the bag and it’s zero calories so you can enjoy it with thirsty abandon.
The makers of Southern Breeze Sweet Tea are passionate and true to a tradition we love and a drink we want to share with the world. We created Southern Breeze Sweet Tea to be sweet tea through and through. We use real tea leaves, and it’s sweet—just like it should be, and just like the refreshing drink you’ll find at every diner and porch swing in the South.
What makes Southern Breeze Sweet Tea so special? We put the sweetener in the tea bag. That allows you to enjoy every pitcher, every glass with thirsty abandon. Besides the sweetener, the only other thing you’ll find is real tea leaves in every tea bag of Southern Breeze Sweet Tea. That ensures that every glass tastes sweet – Southern sweet and with a flavor that you’ll crave glass after glass. It’s the taste of quality you can only get by boiling up water and steeping the real-tea-leaves-stuffed-tea-bags.
I love a good glass of iced tea. Mommy used to make sun tea in the summer, and then when I was a teenager, I used to visit the local produce stand and buy a Big Slam of the Lipton Brisk iced tea. (Okay, so MAYBE I was going there for ulterior motives, but I still bought the tea!)

So, I was intrigued when Southern Breeze Sweet Tea sent me their Gift Pack for review. Would I like it as much as the sweetened teas available in stores?

^^Box of Original Flavor tea bags^^

^^Mason Jar drinking glass^^

Original Southern Breeze Sweet Tea is everything Southern Sweet Tea should be and more: a bottomless glass of hospitality and refreshment, with sweetness in the bag – and zero calories. So tasty, you’ll want to share it with family, friends and neighbors alike. We call it “Sharing the Sweetness.”

Looking for the perfect holiday gift for that sweet someone, or have you been dying to get your hands on our SBST Mason jar? Look no further! Our limited edition Gift Pack includes 1 box of Sweet Tea bags and 1 Southern Breeze Sweet Tea glass Mason jar with a sweet tea sippin’ straw.

Each tea bag makes 1 quart so, brew it up hot, steep, chill & pour into your ice filled SBST Mason jar! These sweet Gift Packs are hand packed with love and will only last for a limited time!

Purchasing this Gift Pack you will get one of the following:
-16ct Original Southern Breeze Sweet Tea
-Southern Breeze Sweet Tea Glass Mason Jar with Handle
-Paper Drinking Straw
-White gift box holding tea & jar
Personally, I didn't really care for this. I'm not saying the tea itself is bad; it does have a nice taste to it... if you like 'Southern Sweet Tea.' Don't get me wrong; I like sweet teas, but my definition of sweet tea differs from the typical definition of Sweet Tea. I like sweet teas like the Lipton Brisk, Nestea Cool, Snapple teas... the commercially sweetened teas. I do not like traditional Sweet Tea. I find traditional Sweet Tea tastes like it's going sour/rancid.

However, the upswing to this is that it is made with Splenda, so if you are watching your sugar intake or are diabetic, you can drink this without worry.

I think the biggest problem disabled people will have is the glass. It's pure glass, so it may be a shatter hazard.

This is available from Southern Breeze Sweet Tea or from your local grocer.

Good taste; I just personally didn't like it.
WOULD RECOMMEND: Only if you like Southern Sweet Tea.

**As per FTC guidelines, I received this product in exchange for an honest review. Only compensation I received is the product(s) mentioned above. All opinions are my own and your usage/results may vary.**

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