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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Outer Spice Seasonings

Outer Spice Seasonings

Bring out the chef in you with Outer Spice, four highly versatile low salt and no salt seasoning solutions modernizing the spice industry. Each batch of Outer Spice is made from a unique blend of the finest quality ingredients, and serves as a good source of nutrition, packed with essential minerals, phytochemicals and antioxidants. Each seasoning solution is made from hand-selected whole spices, which are freshly ground and made in small, artisanal batches for maximum potency, vitality and flavor. Outer Spice is gluten-free, MSG-free and made with all natural, non-GMO ingredients.
While I cooked a lot growing up, especially after Mommy got sick, I never really played with spices. The most I ever did with spices was follow a recipe and used what it called for. Mommy never really cooked with spices either, and when she did, it was common ones, like salt, pepper, garlic powder or garlic salt. The 'fanciest' spice Mommy ever used was lemon pepper. Because of this, I never really ventured out and experimented with different flavor combinations. The furthest I'd differentiate from a recipe was putting the garlic powder/salt on my pizza.

But once I became friends with Mama Melissa, she started 'teaching' me how to cook with spices. Because of watching and listening to Mama Melissa, I now can bring out the natural flavors of whatever I'm cooking.

But we have limited cabinet/cupboard space right now, and NO pantry like we did in the trailer I lived in as a teenager, so it's a bit inconvenient to have 10+ spice containers in the cupboard above the stove.

But Outer Spice comes to the rescue!

^^The containers I received.^^

Just a few facts about Outer Spice seasoning blends...
• Outer Spice No Salt and Low Salt seasoning solutions are made from the purest, finest quality herbs and spices available on the planet.
• Outer Spice is a quick and easy way to cook a meal that tastes like it came from a true chef.
• Outer Spice is the only spice blend created to serve as both an ingredient in every dish and a table-side condiment on every dining table. Outer Spice's mouthwatering blends are ideal for
   - Rubs
   - Marinades
   - Sauces
   - Dips
   - Glazes
   - Soups
   - Dressings
   - or to eat on its own!
• Outer Spice partners with farmers and suppliers to assure fair trade and good profit margins for each family or person Outer Spice does business with.
• Outer Spice combines fresh hand-selected herbs and spices in small, artisanal batches to create the most versatile combination of flavors, making ordinary foods extraordinary.
• Each spice could be used on a daily basis on everything, offering every level of cook endless possibilities.
• Consumers save money because they forgo buying individual spices offering the same quality nutritional benefits and taste found in Outer Spice.
• Outer Spice is a vibrant part of a healthy, well-balanced diet, especially when dietary restrictions are advised.
• Outer Spice is a convenient ingredient that you can depend on for consistently good meals.

I was sent 2 containers for review; the Outer Spice Original Low-Salt and the Outer Spice Spicy No-Salt varieties.

Outer Spice Original-Low Salt
A well-balanced seasoning that is high in flavor and low in Sodium. Only 95 mg of sodium per serving.

The Original blend has a very nice flavor to it, although the Himalayan Pink Sea salt does make it a tad bit too salty for my liking. It's not an overpowering salty taste, but as someone who doesn't use added salt in her meals (and not by choice either) I really could detect the salt in it.

Outer Spice Spicy-No Salt
A unique combination of frshly ground herbs and spices to boost the flavor of any dish without the sodium. SPICY No Salt has a zesty flavor profile that is a great addition to diets requiring less sodium but desiring just a little more POW.

The Spicy blend is HOT. I mean really hot. I'd equate the spiciness level to restaurant-style hot wings. This is one of those spices that 'a little goes a long way.'

In what little amount of cooking I'm allowed to do on my own (when I'm not sneaking around to do it), I find myself drawn to using the Original Blend more than the Spicy blend, even with the saltiness. I tend to use it in my chicken salads and my ramen or spaghetti noodles the most. Below is a picture of the recipe I personally created using Outer Spice, Spiced Up Spaghetti.

^^Spiced Up Spaghetti using the Outer Spice Original Low-Salt blend^^

Since these spice blends are designed for diets that have dietary restrictions, I don't see disabled people having any issues with their diets. They MAY have trouble opening the safety cardboard lids under the tops of the containers, but I have seen able-bodied folks have problems opening those 'pull-tab' cardboard lids as well.

These are available from the Outer Spice store for $8.99. You can also find them at your local Whole Foods Market.

These spices would make a perfect gift for the chef on your Holiday Gift List. Wrap them up individually and put them in their stocking or wrap them up as a set and put them under the tree! They'll love them!!

An awesome way to spice up anyone's cooking game, whether they have dietary restrictions or not!.

**As per FTC guidelines, I received this product in exchange for an honest review. Only compensation I received is the product(s) mentioned above. All opinions are my own and your usage/results may vary.**

Friday, November 27, 2015

Eco Friendly Quality Artist Colored Pencils

Eco Friendly Quality Artist Colored Pencils

Colowlful color pencils are a wonderful addition for the beginner artist to the more serious coloring in fanatic, young and old alike. These high quality, long lasting pencils are crafted in natural wood and come in an assortment of 24 vibrant colors. Our color cores resist breakage whilst the soft lead makes for easy clean sharpening. The coloring pencils have a very comfortable grip, which makes for effortless drawing, sketching, blending and shading. Our earth conscience product comes in an eco friendly box and is Non-Toxic, Phthalate free, and above all animal Cruelty Free. Unleash the artist in you because life is about using the whole box. Copyright © Colowlful 2015. Sold Exclusively By Coogee Productions.

HIGH QUALITY - Crafted in natural wood, these long lasting color cores resist breakage. Soft leads makes for easy clean sharpening. Size Of Pencil: 6.93 x 0.27 inch
ASSORTED COLORS - Great for the classroom, kids coloring and adult coloring books.
COMFORTABLE GRIP - Ensures smooth effortless drawing, sketching, blending and shading.
EARTH CONSCIENCE - This new product is Non-Toxic, Phthalate Free, Cruelty Free and is jam packed in an eco-friendly pencil box
Having tried the Sargent 50-pack of Colored Pencils and an off-brand that came in an art set, Mama Melissa was unimpressed with either set. The off-brand pencils 'leads' crumbled extremely easily when using and the Sargent brand broke the 'leads' easily. Neither set suited Mama Melissa's needs.

While she really likes the pencils themselves, because the 'leads' seem sturdy, are 'Artist Grade' and are made from solid wood, she does have some issues with them. They are minor issues, but she feels they are worth mentioning (And I'm taking these directly from her youtube video, which has now been deleted)
• These have no color name on them. So, you really don't know what shade you're going to be using past primary color names (red, blue, dark blue, pink, green, etc)
• Different paper textures will give different color shade results. Using these on printer/copier or lined notebook paper gives a color closer to the paint on the pencil, whereas using the pencils on a sketchbook, pamphlet/glossy paper or any paper with a texture to it, the color dulls. Darker and some primary colors will fade to a light shade of that color and lighter colors (like yellow) turn to an almost white shade, making them VERY hard to see.
• These also do flake or crumble a bit, but nowhere near like the off-brand pencils from the art set.

The only problems I see disabled people having with these are sharpening them with an handheld sharpener or putting them back in the box. Otherwise, if a disabled person can hold a writing utensil, they will be able to use these pencils.

This is available from Amazon for $12.95. (Right now, They are 'Currently unavailable,' so I'm unsure if the price will be the same once back in stock)

One of the better sets of colored pencils on the market, but the color results will depend on the paper used.

**As per FTC guidelines, I received this product in exchange for an honest review. Only compensation I received is the product(s) mentioned above. All opinions are my own and your usage/results may vary.**

Thursday, November 26, 2015



Know someone that needs a new watch this year? Well, you're in luck, because Flex Watches is having a Black Friday Sales Event... and you're invited!!

I have one of the Blue Venice watches (Review coming this weekend) and I LOVE it. I wore it today when we went to my cousin's house for Thanksgiving and forgot I was even wearing a watch!

Their 'Steel Watch' collection is on sale as well. Steel is a GREAT choice for watches, since they can withstand the day-to-day bumps and dings we put our bodies through, especially disabled people!

Watches make a great gift for anyone, because we aren't always around a clock, and flipping your wrist is quicker and easier than unlocking a phone!

Flex Watches also offer a watch for ANY budget! Extra bands start at $5.00 and actual watches start at $10.00!!! And you get FREE SHIPPING ON ANY ORDER! You can't go wrong!

Just click one of the images above for more info!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Friendly's Single Serve Coffee

Friendly's Single Serve Coffee

Now you can enjoy the taste of all your favorite ice cream flavors in your coffee mug. Buttery butterscotch, creamy chocolate marshmallow, decadent Vienna mocha chunk, cool mint chocolate chip-these flavored coffees will satisfy the biggest ice cream craving without all those pesky calories. Try the friendly's ice cream flavored variety pack and savor the sweetness with someone special.
Love these cups. The flavor of each shines through nicely and plays well with the coffee taste.

I like that this is a variety pack, so I'm not restricted to just one flavor and I can mix up my coffee drinking experience without breaking the bank by having to buy 4 different boxes.

^^Each of the 4 cups^^

There are 4 different flavors in this box;
Butterscotch Swirl, which sort of reminded me of a fluffernutter sandwich.
Vienna Mocha Chunk, which was heavy on the chocolate flavor
Chocolate Marshmallow Swirl, which tasted like Heavenly Hash, just without the nuts.
Mint Chocolate Chip, which is just as the name implies.

The only one I personally didn't care for was the Vienna Mocha Chunk, but I am not a mocha fan to begin with. My favorite was the Butterscotch Swirl flavor.

One good thing about these cups is they WILL work in the newer Keurig 2.0 models without some sort of Freedom Clip or other hack to fool the Keurig DRM licence.

Disabled people won't have any problems with this if they can use a Keurig machine.

This is available from Amazon. (Right now, They are 'Currently unavailable, so I'm unsure of the price)

4 yummy flavors of coffee for one price... you really can't go wrong!

**As per FTC guidelines, I received this product in exchange for an honest review. Only compensation I received is the product(s) mentioned above. All opinions are my own and your usage/results may vary.**

Coffee Beanery Coffees

Coffee Beanery Coffee

Coffee Beanery opened its first stores in the United States in 1976, before the American public knew the term “specialty coffee.” In the years that have followed, Coffee Beanery continues to build its brand and franchise organization on the principles of time-tested and honored traditions and values. Exceptional coffee, a warm relaxing environment, and a corporate culture that embraces its franchisees with every opportunity to succeed and exemplify these values. Today, Coffee Beanery has over 100 locations throughout the U.S., 20 locations internationally, and is recognized as an industry leader for its unique family business approach, corporate culture and commitment to quality.

You can sense the difference the moment you arrive at our 45,000 square-foot Flushing, Michigan, facility which houses our corporate headquarters, production facility where all of our hand-selected beans are roasted, flavored and packaged, and our warehousing and distribution center. The abundant aroma of fresh roasted coffee surrounds you in a professional environment where every Coffee Beanery team member is committed to the same core values that our founders, JoAnne and Julius Shaw, established in the early 1970s.
It's no secret our house loves flavored coffee. But what the stores offer are the same old, same old. I like mixing it up.

That's where Coffee Beanery comes in. Their selection of coffees are sure to delight even the finickiest of coffee connoisseurs.

I was sent 2 bags of my choosing for review. I chose Cinnamon Supreme and Banana Nut Cream. Let's take a look.

Both bags I received


Cinnamon Supreme

Cinnamon Supreme Flavored Coffee has the sweet and spicy aroma and flavor of Cinnamon that will delight your palate and senses.

Now, I am used to the Dunkin' Donuts variety of cinnamon coffee, and that is pretty mild on the flavoring.

However, this is very strong and heavy on the cinnamon. It honestly tastes like you tossed at least 3 cinnamon discs or 1 Atomic Fireball into a cup of coffee. Not saying this is bad, but it is an eye-opener if you're not expecting THAT strong of a cinnamon taste.
TASTE: 8.5/10


Banana Nut Cream

Banana Nut Cream Flavored Coffee is a superbly rich and creamy blend that brings an old-fashioned country flavor home.

I honestly did not know what to expect with this flavor. Banana Nut bread is one of my favorite baked breads. But mixing it with the flavor of coffee? I was unsure.

I was happily and pleasantly surprised. The taste was exceptionally creamy and I detected a bit of natural sweetness to it. The banana flavor wasn't overpowering; nor was the nut flavor, which tasted like walnuts. This was my favorite of the two.
TASTE: 10/10

This coffee comes in whole bean and 4 different grounds: Automatic Drip, Coarse, Fine, Very Fine.

Only problem disabled people may have with this coffee is with the bag. It's a resealable bag with the little flaps, so if it's not folded correctly, the flaps will not close correctly. This is easily avoidable by pouring the grounds into a different container. I don't foresee any problems with the actual coffee.

This is available from CoffeeBeanery.com. Prices my vary.

BUT WAIT! Coffee Beanery wants to give away two flavors of YOUR choosing (some restrictions apply).

Coffee Beanery Giveaway

One of the better 'specialty' coffees out there. I'd rather drink this coffee over Starbucks any day!

**As per FTC guidelines, I received this product in exchange for an honest review. Only compensation I received is the product(s) mentioned above. All opinions are my own and your usage/results may vary.**

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Nature Cups Taster Pack

Nature Cups Taster Pack

Nature Cups is the leader in providing Keurig Recyclable cups.

Did you know that in 2014 alone, 9 Billion K-Cups were thrown in landfills? 
In fact, there are enough non-recyclable K-Cups sitting in landfills right now to circle the earth 14 TIMES!

Nature Cups is on a passionate mission.
We’re proud to pioneer the recyclable single-serve cup movement...and we’ve done it WITHOUT cutting corners, taking business overseas, or settling for anything less than a smooth, full-flavored, fragrant coffee blend.  (The fresh flavor does have to pass our strict, coffee-loving standards, after all…)  
I had a bit of an issue with this product at first... It seemed like the postal service didn't care too much about this package. The following photos show what condition the initial shipment was in.

^^Inside of the shipping envelope^^

^^The WORST of the 3 cups. Only 1 cup was usable.^^

Not wanting to give a bad review for something that wasn't their fault, I got in touch with the company and showed them the above pictures. They were great about everything and sent me some more cups, this time, in better packing.

^^New, intact cups^^

The cup brewed fine and had a wonderful aroma while brewing. There is a nice, dark color to the coffee itself. However, this coffee is very strong and tasted slightly burnt. It left a bitter taste in my mouth, even with CoffeeMate Eggnog flavored creamer and 1 spoon of sugar.

I didn't really care for the taste, but Mama Melissa liked it a lot. It is a bold and rich flavor, and I did feel more awake and alert after drinking it.

I'm just sorry our Keurig died soon after using this, since even though it's a bit too strong for me, there are days I could REALLY use a cup of this!

Disabled people won't have any problems with this if they can use a Keurig machine.

This is available from Amazon for $2.99 for 3 cups. a 12 pack costs $10.00.

Good taste, but a bit too strong for me.

**As per FTC guidelines, I received this product in exchange for an honest review. Only compensation I received is the product(s) mentioned above. All opinions are my own and your usage/results may vary.**

Le Pooch Premium Beef Jerky Dog Treats

Le Pooch Premium Beef Jerky Dog Treats


Le Pooch Premium Beef Jerky Treats are a delicious, healthy treat. 
- 100% American Made.
- Free from nasty foreign ingredients.
- They smell delicious without leaving an odor on your hands.
- Easily breakable makes them perfect for training.

So many choices, so little information! Choosing pet food can be overwhelming, as you always want to source the best, healthiest alternatives for your furry friends.
However, in recent times we have seen several tragic incidences of beloved dogs and cats passing away due to the nasty foreign ingredients included in some pet food brands around America.

This is due to the lack of adequate packaging labels that have failed to include a proper list of ingredients, making it difficult for owners to see the potential dangers in what they are putting into their pet's stomach. Le Pooch Premium Beef Jerky Treats eliminate the guesswork in selecting the best treats for your dog. Made of 100% pure grade American Beef and free from wheat, corn, soy and gluten fillers ensure your pooch can enjoy a safe and healthy treat they will love!

Never overfeed your pet treats - this can cause your fur baby to become ill and counteract the effect of a balanced diet.
Our dog LOVES these treats. They look exactly like Pupperoni sticks, but Chase seems to like these more than the Pupperoni sticks.

^^what I received^^

I like that there aren't any added fillers in these and the first two ingredients are beef and sweet potatoes. I feel happy knowing that even though Chase won't usually touch veggies in his foods, he's still getting the veggies he SHOULD have when he snacks on these.

Disabled people shouldn't have any trouble with the treats, since they are for dogs. However, the bag is resealable, so that may be difficult for some if the zip seal is not lined up correctly.

This is available from Amazon for $19.36.

Yummy sticks you can feel good about giving your dog

**PLEASE NOTE: Photos will be added as soon as I can upload and edit them.**

**As per FTC guidelines, I received this product in exchange for an honest review. Only compensation I received is the product(s) mentioned above. All opinions are my own and your usage/results may vary.**