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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

ADMIN POST: Verizon is fixed!

Verizon Internet issues
January 2016 edition

And we're back!!!

Monday, we had a Verizon tech come out to look at the wiring. Diana (the tech) tests the outside wiring, the box on the house, The box on the pole... everything is checking out as working as it should. She then goes to the remote site (up on Town Line Road... 2.8 miles away), because we weren't the only ones reporting dropping when it rains and 90% of the times, it was the remote site was wet and 'shorting out.'

Thing was, the remote site was ALSO checking out as working properly. So she comes back and starts re-testing our wires... something was shorting out here. She tests the jack and BINGO! We hit the jackpot. Two wires in the jack went bad, but instead of rewiring EVERYTHING tonight, she did a 'bypass;' she snipped the two bad wires off, leaving the two remaining wires connected. Diana says that usually the 'bypass' is a temp fix... it could work for a few months; it could work permanently.

Considering we plan to change rooms around when Mama Melissa's dad passes, we figure the bypass should get us by until I have to call Verizon to rewire us to the new room.

Diana leaves, saying she's going to the remote site to turn everything back on and have Verizon re-run the wire tests from their end and she'll call me when everything is done. 5 minutes later, we're back to 1504 Kbps down/444 Kbps up... our normal. I'll take it.

Well, while Mama Melissa is helping her parents get the stuff from the truck, I check the modem page from my phone... 3360 Kbps downstream/863 Kbps upstream... YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT I'LL TAKE THAT!!! That's the BEST we've ever been!

It's been beautiful every since. All my youtube videos load in 720p, which it would NEVER do at 1504 Kbps. I'm thrilled.

So, Now I have no reason except laziness not to provide content!

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