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Friday, January 15, 2016

Snakku Japanese Treats Subscription Box

Snakku Japanese Treats Subscription Box

To get you the best that Japan has to offer:

There's so much more to Japanese snacks than the common snacks you find at your local Japanese grocery store. We love Pocky and Shrimp Chips as much as you do, but the best snacks are unfortunately only available in Japan.

But don't worry! We spend tons of time finding the best snacks from all across Japan, so you can get the best that Japan has to offer.

To support local Japanese stores:

Every store, every town, every region of Japan has so much history and is proud of their local products. Often times, a local mom-and-pop shop has been making snacks for hundreds of years, passing down the tradition and recipe for generations.

We aim to support these shops and tell their story, so they can continue to make the delicious snacks for the next hundred years.

To give you the Japanese experience from start to end:

If you've ever been to Japan, you know how amazing the service and attention to detail is. How they treat customers like kings and queens. How they immaculately package their products.

We hope to bring a little bit of the Japanese experience to you too. We've paid special attention to the details by making our packaging authentic and memorable. We've gone the extra mile to provide you with travel tips and snack reviews on our blog. And we're always looking to connect with you! Whether if it's about Snakku or you're just looking for Japan travel advice, we love talking with our customers.
I love trying foreign treats and goodies. That's one of the reasons I love Munchpak so much. However, the downfall with Munchpak is that it's NOT strictly one country or region. It's a global box.

Snakku is a strictly Japanese box, and I was excited beyond words when Shigeki agreed to send me a box for review.

It arrived in WONDERFUL condition. It was securely packed, but not overly packaged to where a disabled person would need help to unwrap it. It was even gorgeously wrapped in a beautiful Japanese cloth. Everything was securely packed in the the box, and no food was damaged.

^^A really bad photo of the box I received^^

Let's take a look at what was in the November 2015 box, which had the theme of 'Tokyo Boutique.'

Tokyo. So much to do, so much to see and so much to eat! The famous places you read about all the time are definitely a must visit, but make sure to take a stroll away from the main path and venture into the lesser known parts of the city. The same goes for the snacks. The popular ones are great, but the real gems are from the stores that only the locals know about. This month, we feature a variety of different snacks from boutique shops in Tokyo!

These snacks are only found in Tokyo and are one of the most popular snacks in the city! This banana shaped fluffy sponge cake is made with real bananas and has been a hit ever since it was introduced in 1991. Even I (Shigeki - Snakku founder) don’t particularly like banana flavored snacks, really enjoy these! The Tokyo Banana in this month’s box is filled with banana maple custard.

Imaging making super fluffy banana pancakes and dousing them with real maple syrup; you have this treat! It was really soft and the custard had more of a pudding texture. At first bite, I thought it was a caramel flavor, but from the second bite on, I realized it was maple.
TASTE: 9/10

A very delicate biscuit made by Tokyo Banana. Like all of their snacks from this store, this is also made with bananas. There’s a light smooth finish to the cookies, which is achieved by using quality bananas and slowly baking the cookies.

I really didn’t taste too much banana in this. To me, it just tasted like your average shortbread, but lighter. It was also VERY crumbly.
TASTE: 8/10

Made by a small shop in the lavish Ginza neighborhood, this unique cracker is made from a mixture of edamame beans and rice. They douse the crackers in a secret broth before baking it, giving it a crisp clean savory finish.
Flavors include edamame, spicy dashi broth and traditional roasted kinako soybean flour.

These snacks had a corn puff texture to them. We received 3 individually wrapped crackers, a light colored one, a dark colored one and a greenish colored one. I’m not 100% sure which one was which, but here’s how we thought they tasted.
Light colored - I’m guessing this was the spicy dashi broth flavor, although to us, it tasted like a white cheese cheez-it.
Dark colored - Again, I’m guessing this was the traditional roasted kinako soybean flour, but it tasted almost cinnamony (is that a word?) and sweet. It certainly didn’t have a soybean/salty flavor.
Green colored - Obviously, this was the edamame flavor. Only having tried edamame beans once before and thinking they tasted a bit like lima beans, we were shocked that this had almost a green tea taste to it.
All three were very yummy and easy on the teeth.
TASTE: 8.5/10

These seasonal folded butter biscuits are from a lesser known but up-and-coming snack store in Ginza. The three flavors (plain, maple and chocolate) are made to represent the foliage from Autumn in Japan.

These were interesting. They look like they would be crunchy and hard, but they are actually soft and flaky.
CHOCOLATE - Not as flaky as the other two; more of a cookie-like crunch to it. Very sweet. The taste is very similar to the cocoa butter scent, if that makes sense.
MAPLE - We did NOT taste any maple in this; if anything, both Mama Melissa and I said we tasted a coffee flavor in this… like a ‘Rich’ or ‘Bold’ brew of coffee. Even though I don’t like those strengths of coffee, this was delicious.
PLAIN - VERY heavy on the vanilla in this one… extremely reminiscent of the white ‘cream’ filling found in filled donuts. My actual favorite of the 3 biscuits.
TASTE: 9/10

Mellow candy made with real rice sake

I have NO clue what sake is, to be honest. I believe it’s a Japanese wine, but I’m not sure.
That being said, these candies reminded me of the Hi-Chew candies or the Puccho Stick Soda chews we got in a Munchpak a few months ago. I didn’t really detect ANY taste to this, not even a rice flavor. But they were softer than I anticipated and I didn’t have any issues chewing these, even with my mouth problems.
TASTE: 7/10

Delicate biscuit sandwich made with Japanese purple yam

The texture of a KitKat, with a very interesting flavor. Sweeter than a yam. I’ve had something to this years ago, but I can’t place what it was.
TASTE: 9.5/10

Double grilled soy glazed mochi crackers

When I hear the term ‘crackers,’ I think of flat pieces of bread-like chips. I do not think of sticks of hardened bread.
But this is exactly what this was; a soy sauce flavored crouton stick. Despite the fact that it was very hard on my teeth and gums, this was my absolute favorite item in the box!
TASTE: 9.5/10

Old school rice crackers grilled in a clay fire kiln.

Ow, Ow, OW! While this was downright delicious, it was another one that was also VERY hard on my teeth. The pieces liked to jab me in the gums. Again, I’d equate the hardness to croutons.
That being said, I sensed a bit of soy flavoring on this as well. I liked it, because I went through a spell of eating cooked rice with nothing but soy sauce on it!
TASTE: 9/10

Two kinds of stuffed mochi cakes (sweet potato & red bean)

Mama Melissa and I got these TOTALLY wrong. We thought the fillings were apple and fig.  We couldn’t tell them apart because neither one of us read Japanese writing, but I think the darker of the two was the red bean flavor.
Both were very sweet and delicious! Really soft on the teeth as well. They even LOOKED cute, as they looked like mini tacos!
TASTE: 8/10

The only problem I see disabled people having with these snacks is opening the individual packages. Most of them are soft on the teeth (and pretty much melt in your mouth), so besides the crouton-like snacks, there should be no issues with chewing.

This is available from the Snakku website starting at $14.95 for the 'Tasting box.' I personally received the '1 Month Subscription Box' for $38.95. There is also a 3 Month Subscription plan and a 6 Month Subscription plan.

Wonderful treat box packed to the brim with Japanese goodies that can't be found anywhere else. Well worth the price!

**As per FTC guidelines, I received this product in exchange for an honest review. Only compensation I received is the product(s) mentioned above. All opinions are my own and your usage/results may vary.**


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