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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Secure 4-Pocket Walker Storage Pouch

Secure 4-Pocket Walker Storage Pouch

~The Secure 4-Pocket Walker Bag is designed to easily and quickly attach to the front crossbar of any standard walker or rollator to keep essential items close at hand (Also attaches to wheelchairs and electric scooters)
~Main zippered pocket securely holds items and features an easy pull cord loop zipper design for those with limited dexterity
~Three front mesh pockets provide storage and quick access to smaller items
~Attachment straps are adjustable to fit nearly any wheelchair, walker, rollator, or electric scooter - EZ-release attachment buckles allow the bag to be quickly installed and removed
~Covered by Personal Safety Corporation's exclusive one year full-replacement warranty against defects and workmanship - Secure by Personal Safety Corporation...The brand trusted by thousands of concerned care facilities across the US, Canada and Europe since 1991!
One of the downfalls of having CP (or any motor-skill disability) is the fact that as you age, you may need a mobility aid. I'm one of the fortunate ones, since I can still walk, even if I do need a mobility aid in the form of a walker or, if it's a REALLY good day, arm-crutches.

But when using a mobility aid, carrying a purse can be a royal pain. Typical handbags are out, since I need both hands to hang on the handles of my mobility aid(s) I'm using that day.

And most of the time with a purse, I have to have it over my head and across my shoulders. This can be a pain, because either I make the purse strap too SHORT and I'm pretty much choking myself with my purse, or I make it too LONG and I'm kicking my purse with my knees. I don't like doing this, since I could possibly crack my phone screen. I can never seem to find a happy medium with the purse strap.

Enter the Secure 4-Pocket Walker Storage Pouch.

^^Front of bag^^

^^The right-side strap & zipper pull^^

What I LOVE about this bag is the fact that when I'm using the walker (which is most of the time during the winters), I can just throw my things into the bag and go. Everything is within easy reach, and the zippers are easy to work. The pulls are a good size and eliminates the need for me to use key rings as pulls.

The main bag is quite roomy. I was able to put my checkbook-style wallet, my LG Sunset phone, a feminine product, a comb and a hair tie/scrunchy inside. I don't really use the mesh pockets in front, but I have just slid my phone into one after a quick text to Mama Melissa.

What I also love about this bag is I can strap it to store cart handles. I like to strap it with the zipper towards me, for extra security. This frees up the child seat for smaller items and my bag is always within reach and not buried under groceries/purchases.

The biggest problem I see disable people having is adjusting the straps. It took me about 10 minutes to adjust each side to fit my walker. The zippers work with no catching or snagging, and the EZ-release attachment buckles can be released with minor pressure.

My only MAIN complaint would be the lack of colors. Don't get my wrong; I have nothing against black. But I'd love to be able to express my individuality with a different color choice.

This is available from Amazon for $16.97.

Great bag for those who don't want to carry a purse with them while using a walker.

**As per FTC guidelines, I received this product in exchange for an honest review. Only compensation I received is the product(s) mentioned above. All opinions are my own and your usage/results may vary.**

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