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Monday, April 11, 2016

Lip Smacker Liquid Sponge-On Lip Gloss

Lip Smacker Liquid Sponge-On Lip Gloss
in Birthday Cake

Treat your lips to lip smackin' flavor and gorgeous, glossy shine. Smooth-on gloss moisturizes with Vitamin E and Aloe to leave lips super shiny!
I never actually received this item.

I was approved for this, but when it came time for shipment, I was then told it was an 'add-on' item, meaning I would need to order something over $25 to use the code. At the time, I had NOTHING I needed to order costing more than $25.

I then was told if I did not take shipment within 7 days, I would be removed from the promotion. THAT never happened. I even messaged the company on April 6th, stating I never used the code and to remove me. I didn't get a reply.

It has since changed to not being an 'add-on item,' but the code the company gave me is now expired.

This is available from Amazon for $7.99. Maybe you'll have better luck.

I cannot recommend this, since I was not given a review sample to test and review.

**As I never received this item, I don't believe I have to disclose per FTC guidelines. I am adding this disclosure to be safe.**

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