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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Tree New Bee Laptop Cooling Pad

Tree New Bee® Laptop Cooling Pad

Laptop Cooling Pad - Fits up to 15.6" and smaller laptops and notebooks - Strong and Durable ABS and Metal Mesh - Fits easily on your lap or any flat surface - Keeps Your Laptop Cool

Super-slim design, suitable for 14-15.6 inch laptop, Apple Mac BookPro, Ultrabook, Notebook or Netbook
Large punching empty net surface, Powerful Motor Turbo Double Fans, strong heat emitted ability
Anti-slip surface design, hold laptop firmly
Inclusive USB line, convenient and practical groove on the back, avoiding the wire winding leads to wear
Portable design, ideal for home and office use, durable
I got this for Mama Melissa's new Dell Inspiron 15 laptop, since she is a gamer and her fan would always kick up while she would play The Sims 4 and most recently, Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare. I didn't want to take the chance of her laptop overheating and shutting down during a heavy gaming session.

Having used a cheaper built cooling pad before with my old iBook G3 and having GREAT results, I decided to give this to her. I use a Chromebook, which doesn't heat up that much and doesn't need fans/cooling.

There were only three positives to this pad;
1. the LED-lit fans, letting her know the fans were working
2. two little 'legs' in the front, to keep your laptop ON the pad if you use flip open the legs on the underside to increase the angle.
3. the USB pass-through connector, allowing her to still use the left-side USB port.

And that's where the positives end for this.

We didn't even receive the brand promised; We actually received the Popu Pine brand, which 90% of the outer box is written in an Asian language. It does have English translations, but they are poorly written/translated. I know that's a neither-here-nor-there point, so moving on...

When tapping the fan, it sounds a lot like tapping on a cheaply made hollow plastic container. The construction doesn't feel like it's very solid either. I'm afraid a good drop would shatter the frame, or at least the fans inside. The wire for the USB pass-through connector is about as thick as an earbud wire, so I'd be scared too much movement would snap something inside the wire.

^^USB pass-through connector with Mama Melissa's wireless mouse receiver attached^^

The box claims the pad is 'Super Quiet,' but it's NOT. Normally, I cannot tell when Mama Melissa boots her system. Usually, she's completely booted and signing into her mail before I realize it. While she was using this, I could definitely tell when she booted her system. The fans in the pad are not as loud as a space heater or a window fan, but it did make quite a bit of noise.

The product also claims it can be used with systems up to 15.6". Mama Melissa's laptop IS 15.6" and a good portion of her system hangs off all sides. Because of this, her laptop would slide all over the pad with just the slightest amount of movement. This was NOT ideal when playing games that involve quick movements.

^^Dell Inspiron 15 5558 sitting on the fan -- notice how much of the laptop hangs off the fan^^

The 'straw that broke the camel's back' was the fact that her internal fan kicked up just the same as before when she would play games. This really did nothing to keep the laptop fan from speeding up as we had hoped.

Mama Melissa used this for a total of 6 days before handing it back to me with her not-safe-for-children opinion.

Disabled people are probably going to have the most trouble keeping their laptops actually ON the pad. It's just too slippery to have any 'grip' on a laptop.

This is available from Amazon for $15.99.

Not really worth it if you have a larger laptop or use the laptop for anything other than web browsing.

**As per FTC guidelines, I received this product in exchange for an honest review. Only compensation I received is the product(s) mentioned above. All opinions are my own and your usage/results may vary.**

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