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Monday, June 27, 2016

Kuuk Onion Chopper

Kuuk Onion Chopper

Made from high quality, food-safe plastic and stainless steel, this kitchen gadget will make chopping your cooking ingredients quicker and easier than ever before. Simple to use and designed for easy storage, this is one handheld appliance you don't want to miss.
Chop anything as finely as you like
Simply press down on the top of the device to chop your food-press more times for a finer chop and press as many times as you like. Whether it's diced onions, chopped carrots or almonds, it's equally easy to make any food into the consistency you desire.
Compact, efficient design
This mini food chopper is designed for the modern kitchen in more ways than one. As well as improving the cooking process directly, it fits easily in a cupboard or drawer without taking up much room at all. The Kuuk chopper is efficient for cooking and for storage-what's not to love?
Faster and safer than a knife
Unless you'e a professional chef, chopping and dicing endless onions, vegetables and nuts can get time consuming and even dangerous. You get careless and before you know it-you've cut your finger. However, with this hand food chopper you can avoid that problem altogether and safely, quickly chop as much produce as finely as you'd like.
Dishwasher safe, cleans easily by hand
Clean this food chopper easily in the sink by rinsing with warm soapy water. Or, place it in the dishwasher and let the machine do the work-it's 100% dishwasher safe.
I love to cook... when I'm allowed. Most of my 'cooking' is kept to making salads I can make sandwiches with and different pastas.

Contrary to popular belief, I DO like veggies, and I like putting them in my salads, but I'm not fully trusted with a knife... yet. We're working on that trust.

So, I needed something that would make it easy for me to dice up those veggies. Enter the Kuuk Onion Chopper.

^^What I received^^

The problem with this is how well it works. It does work well with patience... but you need a LOT of it. I had the most trouble with it sliding all over the countertop I was using.

The bowl this has is considerably small. If the cup holds 1.5 cups, you're lucky. I have 2 other chopping bowls by Brieftons, which are larger and they work much better and seem 10 times sturdier than this chopper. I've dropper the smaller Brieftons bowl countless times, and it STILL looks brand new.

Disabled people will have trouble holding this steady enough to actually use it.The plunger does press easily enough, but depending on the food being chopped, it may be hard to actually CHOP. I was able to get it to chop onions with minimal effort, but it didn't work the greatest for garlic or celery. I wouldn't rely on this to chop anything harder than celery, to be honest.

This is available from Amazon for $6.95.

Will work in a pinch, but I feel other choppers would work better than this.

**As per FTC guidelines, I received this product in exchange for an honest review. Only compensation I received is the product(s) mentioned above. All opinions are my own and your usage/results may vary.**

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