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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

YRU Chill Qozmo Sporty Lace Up Mid Top Sneakers

YRU Chill Qozmo Sporty Lace Up Mid Top Sneakers

Synthetic sole
SPORTY LOOK: Show off your athletic side while staying chic in these mid-top sneakers from YRU.

CASUAL EVERYDAY STYLE: Be a babe even in comfy sneakers! These are made out of fabric and vegan leather.

COMFORTABLE STYLE: A round toe allows your toes to get comfortable and a laced up front provides a secure fit.

FINEST QUALITY: Worn year-round, these sneakers feature a comfortable cushioned insole that snuggles your feet to provide comfort with every step.
100% VEGAN LEATHER: These premium sneakers are an earth-conscious product. Buy them with confidence, knowing your stylish purchase is an environmentally friendly one, too!
Growing up, I was told I should have 'High Top' sneakers, to give my ankles a little more support. However, the last pair of high tops I actually owned were I believe a pair of Reeboks... or MAYBE it was a pair of British Knights. It was my Senior year of high school and the picture I remember was taken nearly 20 years ago. Without dragging my external drive out and looking at my personal photos, I couldn't tell you.

I never really found a pair I liked (and that were comfortable) after that. I did buy a pair once, but because of the way my feet are, I normally can't wear sneakers with the lace holes 'overlapping' the tongue. They have to be 'sewn into' the upper, like Reeboks are.

When Zooshoo offered me to review these sneakers, I was skeptical. Would my feet allow me to even wear them comfortably?

^^the sneakers in the box^^

I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable these actually are. They are a bit tight around the ankles, but nothing that would cut in. Disabled folks may need help lacing these through the hooks. I personally could not lace them using all three hooks.

^^shoes shown with laces not through hooks^^

The one problem I have with these are the hooks themselves. Because of the way I walk, the hooks like to catch on themselves and I feel like I may fall over my own two feet.

These are available from Amazon starting at $58.60.

Comfy on the feet, but laces are a bit short.

**As per FTC guidelines, I received this product in exchange for an honest review. Only compensation I received is the product(s) mentioned above. All opinions are my own and your usage/results may vary.**

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