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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Frisco Training & Potty Pads

Frisco Training & Potty Pads

Pups love exploring the great outdoors, and when they find something new, they like to mark their discovery. Frisco Premium Training & Potty Pads are like a personal patch of grass right at home, just waiting to be discovered. That’s why they’re the best spot in the house. These potty pads have an effective built-in dog attractant that’s ideal for training puppies, but also entices indoor pets so they know exactly where to go. With five layers of protection to lock in wetness, a leak-proof plastic lining and a fast-drying quilted top layer to prevent tracking, Frisco Premium Training & Potty Pads absorb the mess and ensure your floors and the surrounding areas stay dry.

Key Benefits

-Fast-drying quilted top layer prevents tracking
-Super absorbent for extended indoor stays
-Built-in and effective dog attractant
-Five layers of protection lock in wetness
-Leak-proof plastic lining protects floors
-Great for crates and carriers
-Overall dimension measures 22 x 23 inches
-Core dimension measures approximately 20 x 20.5 inches
Winter time is the worst time to have a dog, especially in the cold and snowy Northeast. Their paws get cold, they shiver and worse of all, their little ‘puppy privates’ receive the brunt of the elements when they squat.

This is when potty pads are the best, because it saves all that from happening.

When we adopted Chase, I’d say he was 85% housebroken. This was a new place to him; he came from a friend of a friend, and SHE got him from a ‘breeder.’ (Personally, I don’t think… okay I KNOW he’s not pure Chihuahua, like my friend and her friend claims. He’s too big to be a pure Chihuahua) He was freaking out… Who are these people? I don’t know them! I’ve never seen them in my whole puppy life! Are they nice? Are they going to hurt me? And why does the one girl talk funny… She also walks with this big metal thing on wheels that makes a LOT of noise. I don’t like that thing. I’m just a little guy… That big metal thing SCARES me!

So, for about the first month, Chase had QUITE a few accidents.

We bought a package of Everpet training pads from our local Dollar General, but Chase would have NONE of them. I think he was skittish to use them, in fear of being scolded… which is a whole different rant. But I digress…

Once Winter had settled into Central NY, We tried to get Chase to use the pads, but he refused to. We still had to take him out 4 to 5 times a day. Even with a hoodie on, Poor Chase would get so cold. He would shiver and shake all over every time he came in.

^^Pad size in comparison to a litter pan (Everpet brand pad in the pan)^^

In May, I read an article on a website about dogs, and it suggested to use ‘scented’ training pads. These specially scented pads have an attractant in them, which is supposed to let the dog know where to ‘do his business.’

So, when Chewy.com offered the Frisco training pads for review, I jumped at them.

At first, it was a repeat of the Everpet pads, and I thought to myself, How am I going to give any kind of review, when Chase won’t use them?

But one night, it happened.

Chase was upstairs with Grandma as she was making the bed, jumping and playing. All of a sudden, he bolted down the stairs, right to the pad, squatted and relieved himself. Mama Melissa went down to take him out, and saw him cowering in the corner, looking at the used pad.

Mama Melissa praised him and gave him treats for being a good boy. I think he was afraid he would be scolded for essentially going wee-wee on the floor, but he calmed down once he realized he wasn’t in trouble.

Since then, he’s only used the pad one or two other times, but it’s a slow process to get him comfortable with the fact that going on these pads is okay for him to do. I’m HOPING by the time winter comes again, he’ll be accustomed to them.

What I like the most about these pads is the attractant they have in them. It helps the puppy know where it’s okay to go bathroom. The size is great as well, being nearly 2 square feet!

I also think these are AWESOME for disabled people, who may have difficulty taking their service dogs out in the winter or inclement weather. I don’t see disabled people actually having a problem using these pads. They literally unfold and float to the floor.

This is available from Chewy.com for $24.99. (Other sizes/quantities available)

Great idea for training your pup not to make accidents all over the house

**I AM A CHEWY.COM BLOGGER. As per FTC guidelines, I received this product in exchange for an honest review. Only compensation I received is the product(s) mentioned above. All opinions are my own and your usage/results may vary.**

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