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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Mountain Dew Dewshine

Mountain Dew Dewshine

Dewshine is a citrus flavored soda, and is clear in color. It is made of real sugar, similar to that of Throwback. Similar to another flavor, Johnson City Gold, Dewshine is non-alcoholic, despite the name being a portmanteau of the highly-alcoholic beverage "moonshine" and Mountain Dew.

Originally Dewshine was only in the 12 oz. bottles made out of glass but has now been made available in limited edition Dewshine 25 oz. jugs. A selection of 4 different jars of Dewshine have been seen at Circle K stores which are also advertised as limited edition.

When Mountain Dew was first created and was intended to be a whisky mix, it was described as having a flavor similar to that of 7-Up.
On my monthly errands run in July, I saw this in our local Dollar General store. It intrigued me, because Mountain Dew is my favorite soda. I have tried MANY Mountain Dew flavors in my day, my favorite flavor being the Code Red flavor. (My LEAST favorite is Game Fuel)

When I initially saw it, the bottle said it’s made with ‘real cane sugar.’ Based on this, I thought it would have a taste similar to Mountain Dew Throwback, just in a clear formula, similar to the upcoming re-release of Crystal Pepsi.

I essentially thought it was Crystal Mountain Dew.


It’s not… FAR from it.

This seriously tastes NOTHING like Mountain Dew, Not even slightly.

For lack of a better description, it tastes non-alcoholic vodka mixed with a cough syrup. There is not even a smidgen of Mountain Dew taste in this.

I think disabled people will have the most trouble OPENING the bottle. The bottle I bought had a ‘twist-off’ beer bottle type cap. I had to have Mama Melissa open it for me. The larger bottles have a twist top similar to a Karo Syrup top. This is also a glass bottle, so extra care is needed when handling.

Mountain Dew Dewshine comes in 12 oz and 25 oz. glass bottles. It is available from most stores and from Amazon.com.

Quite possibly the WORST flavor of Mountain Dew I have ever tried. I’d rather drink Game Fuel over this!

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