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Sunday, September 18, 2016

ADMIN POST -- Where I've been...

ADMIN POST -- Where I've been

So, you may have noticed that posts have been slowing down around here... I'm lucky if I get 1-2 posts written a month anymore.

And the straight up truth is... I'm lazy. No other way to say it.

That's not to say I don't have the DESIRE to blog... I actually do. However, it seems like the days I actually plan to sit down and do something blogging related, whether it's an actual post, organize my Google Drive or even crop/watermark pictures, something comes up...

~The grandparents are going shopping and we (Mama Melissa and I) need to watch the house.
~The grandparents are going out to eat and we (Mama Melissa and I) need to watch the house, plus find ourselves something to eat, unless Grandma brings something home for us.
~The grandparents need Mama Melissa's help and I have to keep Chase out of their way.
~The Internet cuts out and I'm left with a 15" paperweight until it's back on. (which is the one downfall of using a Chromebook)

or (and this is the main one) I get distracted by Facebook and/or YouTube and nothing gets done.

Yes, I COULD take my Chromebook downstairs and work there while the grandparents are gone, but they like to leave on a moment's notice (even though I ask if they are going anywhere that day) and Grandpa has a complete meltdown if someone is not down there when they walk out the door. That leaves me no time to 'bag up' my system and peripherals to take them downstairs.

I do plan to get 'caught up' and get some more content out for you guys, but until the weather cools off to the point where it's too cold to do any outside work and I don't have to watch Chase and/or the house, the content will still be slim.

I'm hoping this week, I can at least get the Google Drive organized and the unedited photos cropped and watermarked. I also want to get a few EXTREMELY OVERDUE sub box reviews posted.

If you're still reading the blog, THANK YOU. You guys are why I do this.


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